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Puppy & Pet Classes


Puppy Class

Puppies 8 – 17 weeks

Give your puppy a great start! In this class you will learn how to work with your puppy and gain core obedience skills such as sits, stays, recalls and more.

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Dog Training from 18 weeks to adult

Super Dog & Sr. Puppy

18 weeks to adult dogs of any age

A suitable starting point for older puppies and adults this class will continue basic skills  learned in puppy class and build on attention and heeling.

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Graduate Dog Training Class

Graduate Advanced

Take your training to the next level

Our graduate class builds on the skills from the previous classes to enhance time and distance on core obedience skills and refine heeling and off leash heeling.

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Specialty Classes

Specialty dog training classes

Does your dog ignore you when you call him? Do you find yourself yelling ” come” over and over again as you chase him around the dog park? We can help!