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Puppy & Dog Training Classes

Foundation Group Obedience Classes


All our group classes are designed using positive-reinforcement training methods. Our curriculum is fast and effective and because part of the class time is spent learning through game techniques, it is great fun for both humans and their dog. Our knowledgable trainers are here for you and happy to answer all your questions.

dog training classes include video homework with step-by-step instructions


Classes Include Online Access to Step-by-Step Homework Instructions with How-To Videos that reinforce in-class learning as well as Solutions to Problem Behaviors

Puppy Training classes

Foundation Obedience

(Classes for Puppies to Adult Dogs)

New puppy (or dog) start here:  Our positive reinforcement foundation classes equip your canine with essential manners & skills to become the family companion you desire.

Give your puppy (or dog) a great start! Choose from a variety of age based beginner classes: Puppy, Jr. Puppy & Super Dog.

LEVEL 2 Puppy / Super Dog Training Class


(Canine Good Neighbour Prep)

This fun intermediate class enhances foundational obedience skills with new exercises and techniques to improve your dog’s public behavior, prepping for the CGN test. With a game-based and positive approach to training, we keep your dog eager to learn—ideal preparation for our CGN Test Ready or Advanced classes.

Dog Sport Foundations


(Dog Sport Foundations)

This class provides an introduction to a variety of engaging dog sport skills including rally, tricks, agility, competition obedience, and scent work.

Each class is designed so you and your dog will learn foundation skills for these fun dog sports that can become a lifelong hobby.

Please Note: We get a lot of requests / enquiries  regarding private training or board-and-train options and unfortunately these are not services we offer at this time (or in the foreseeable future).   Nor are we able to recommend a reliable trainer who does one-on-one training with aggressive or reactive dogs. We do strongly recommend our online Foundation Obedience ONLINE course  for dogs that are not suited for group classes.

Specialty Classes

Well behaved labrador on busy city street

You will learn & practice skills & manners for the Canine Good Neighbour Test. These control techniques will benefit anyone whose dog will be in social settings and public places.  This is a great place to start for those interested in developing their dog for therapy work.

Show handling instructor, KIm van Biert and her regional specialty select Havanese

Dog Show Handling Class

(Skill Building)

Master the art of conformation show dog handling with our expert-led, skill-based course.  You will learn to properly free stack or hand stack your dog, gaiting, patterns,  and other essential techniques  to help you and your dog achieve top performance.

dog training resources -videos, checklists etc.


Classes Include Online Access to Step-by-Step Homework Instructions with How-To Videos that reinforce in-class learning

Specialty dog training classes

Come When Called

(Gain a Reliable Recall)

Tired of your dog ignoring you as he high-tails it after a squirrel – we can help. Our Come When Called class uses game-based, positive learning techniques that will see your dog flying back to you.

Beginner Agility for Dogs


(Tunnels, Jumps, Weaves & More)

Introduce your dog to the fun world of canine agility. Learn to train the basics including jumps, tunnels, weave poles and more. Super fun class to do with your dog – your dog will love it and so will you.

dog learning tricks


(Learn Dozens of Tricks)

Dazzle your family & friends with the tricks your dog will learn. This class covers a wide variety of tricks and gives you both the training theory and skills to teach them. Push a button, Ring a bell, Roll over and so many more…

Competition & Rally Classes

dog training for competition obedience

Competition Obedience

From Pre-Novice to Utility

TNT Training has a competition obedience curriculum that help you and your dog succeed in the ring. We offer classes from pre-novice through Utility. Our instructors are trained to the highest levels! Any breed or X-bred can enroll.

Golden Retriever sitting next to rally signs

Learn Rally Obedience from an accomplished competitor and Rally judge. This is a fun activity/ dog sport  that is designed to be fun for both human and dog and improve the human / dog bond. All breeds & X-Breeds can enroll.


Foundation Obedience Online

TNT’s on line course is the perfect solution for those that can’t attend in person classes, for such reasons as: distance, schedule conflicts, time restrictions and some dogs can be too fearful or reactive in a group setting but still need training.Plus your entire family can take the on-line course together!

What the Course Includes:

  • 50 training videos  developed by internationally recognized obedience trainer, seminar presenter & sport dog competitor, Janice Gunn.
  • Printable step-by-step instructions for each lesson
  • Extensive training resources – articles on everything from potty training to nail trimming and so much more.
  • Check your understanding with our multiple choice quizzes.
  • Printable Homework checklists to help you plan and track your training.
  • You get a full year of access – watch the videos as many times as you want and learn at your own pace.
  • Certificate of Completion
  • The course includes access to a professional trainer to provide extra help and answer any training questions you may have.

Teach your dog to come flying back to you even when there are other dogs or even more fascinating distractions! Using fun, game-based techniques we will show you how to teach your dog that coming back is the best thing ever.

Our in-school Come When Called class will return late Spring 2024.

Specialty dog training classes

Events at TNT

Seminars, Workshops & Drop-in Training

More information on events at TNT, Janice Gunn workshops or renting TNT’s buildings or fields.

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The TNT Training Center  is an award-winning dog training facility. It was built for holding dog training classes in 1998 and we have been teaching puppy, pet and advanced obedience classes ever since. The hall is fully matted and mirrored and fully equipped for a variety of classes.   Our courses are designed by multiple award-winning, world-renowned international obedience competitor Janice Gunn.  Janice is a highly sought-after seminar presenter and author of multiple popular obedience training DVDs, On-Line videos, and the creator of the popular TNT’s Online Foundation Obedience dog training program.

Janice brings her 48 years of obedience training experience to the development of her pet class programs.  Her positive, proven methods result in obedient and attentive pets who want to work with you and not against you, helping you to build a lifelong bond.

You will be provided with comprehensive homework plans that include step-by-step instructions on what you learned in class, videos to follow along with, a weekly practice checklist, and articles on problem behaviors. This is a HUGE enhancement bonus to your in-class training and another reason why TNT is so highly sought-after.

dog trainer Janice Gunn with three of her retrievers - Pounce, Remi and Sparks

What Our Students Say

The Super dog obedience class at TNT was the first group class I’d ever taken with my dog and I was nervous. Fortunately, I had no need to worry. The instructor quickly learned the strengths and weaknesses of each dog/handler team and helped us work through any problems. The class was a great mix of more serious training combined with fun games that put the skills we were learning into practice. Because the class size was small, we all got individual attention. I would highly recommend this class to everyone if you want a better-behaved dog!

Becky Hemphill & Cairo

I just want to comment on the positive atmosphere at TNT and the innovative methods utilized that help engage my dog and keep him focused. They make the sessions fun, which greatly helps keep my dog motivated and wanting to train. He is very energetic and easily distracted, yet the experienced instructors help me maintain his attention throughout, by offering individualized instruction and different approaches when necessary. I have used other training facilities in the past and highly recommend TNT to all dog owners looking to make the most of the training experience. I am currently taking classes and the instructor is wonderful, understanding, and very helpful!

Nancy Fitch & Cooper

TNT Training classes are a pleasure to attend.  My dog Pearl gets so excited.  I think because the training is so positive and fun for her and me. I like the fact the instructor makes time to address questions and challenges and always has workable suggestions. The training center is great so bright, clean, and airy.

Sandra Fabris & Pearl,