Christmas Party & Awards Ceremony

TNT students had another outstanding year earning many new titles and awards with their dogs.

Most improved student

Judi Dunlop & Lori LittleJudi Dunlop & Chai – PCD, CD – High in Trial

Student of the year

Jane eskuri & Lori Little

Jane Eskuri &

  • Sailor  (English Cocker) CDX, Rally Advanced, Rally Excellent, #1 Spaniel in  Canada(2011)  also earned TD, Bouvier novice carting dog
  • Sookie (Great Dane)CDX, Rally Advanced, #1 Great Dane in Canada, also earned Draft Dog
  • Hoops (Chiuahau) earned Rally novice title, 1 leg rally advanced, 2 legs of pre-novice

Outstanding Team

valerie-belik-and-maureenValerie Beliak and Rodeo who went four for four at Richmond with 3 HIC and losing out on the 4th HIC even though they scored a 198 ½ .

Most Consistent Team

Heidi Martin & MaureenHeidi Martin and Stryker went 3 for 3 last year at Richmond to get their Novice title. A year later they have their CDX! They again went 3 for 3 with 3 HIC and Heidi maintained her positive attitude and made it fun for Stryker throughout! Watch for them in the Utility ring!

  New Titles


  • Pam Hill & Sami (Airdale)
  • Christy Cameron  & Quinn (Pitbull)
  • Deborah Foster & Santos (Standard Poodle)
  • Deborah Foster & Shiraz (Standard Poodle)
  • Steven Hall & Winston (English Springer Spaniel)


  • Darissa Towles & Taylor (Australian Shepard)
  • Shel Phelan & Ruby (Nova Scotia Duck Toller)
  • Joan Strick & Poet (Shetland Sheepdog)
  • Margaret Gaull & Cairo (Whippet)


  • Alycia Goyal & Mesa (Labrador)
  • Val Beliak & Rodeo (Golden Retriever)
  • Joan Strick & Bandit (Pomeranian)
  • Deb Ewart &Kahlua ( Bernese Mountain Dog)
  • Margaret Jezek & Wrangler (Bernese Mountain Dog)
  • Catherine McKenna & Siobhan (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
  • Judi Dunlop & Chai (Golden Retriever)


  • Craig Nordel & Ace (Golden Retriever)
  • Heidi Martin & Stryker (Staffordshire Terrier)
  • Hedy Rankin & Dinah (Rottweiler)
  • Peter Snow & Chance (Flatcoat Retriever)
  •  Sylvia Dodgshon & Katrina (Standard Poodle)


  • Hedy Rankin & Jazz (Rottweiler)


  • Hedy Rankin & Jazz (Rottweiler)

Rally Awards

Top Rally Team

Terri Gueck & Karen BrearleyTerri Gueck & Jetsun (Tibetan Terrier) Finishes Rally Advanced at Goldens with 98, 97/100..missing HIC by 1pt …  Goes on to Earn Rally Excellent at Richmond.

First Annual Mikey Award for Most Improved Student

(in honor of Mikey, a  Boxer wild child, who in his short life made a big impression with his enthusiasm and drive).
Karen with Steven Hall

Steven Hall & Winston (English Springer Spaniel) This new team earned their CGN and 1st leg of their Rally Novice at the Mt. Cheam show…  Winston is a wild child but to know him is to love him…  he shares Mikey’s enthusiasm, animation and wanting to please….  Steve will do great things with this dog once we get the energy pointing in the right direction!!

Rally Novice Titles

  • Lesa Ibarra & Mikey (Boxer)
  • Terri Gueck & Tenzing (Tibetan Terrier)
  • Deborah Foster & Shiraz (Standard Poodle)
  • Maureen Fanthorpe & Merry  (American Cattle Dog)
  • Deborah  Foster & Santos (Standard Poodle)
  • Deborah Foster & Shiraz (Standard Poodle)

Rally Advanced

  • Carol  Hauta & Nikon (Doberman)
  • Deb Boisvert & Willow (Doberman)
  • Terri Gueck & Jetsun (Tibetan Terrier)

Rally Excellent 

  • Terri Gueck & Jetsun (Tibetan Terrier)

deborah-foster-&-karen heidi-maureen-hedy-peter-cdx-pin lori-students alerie-Belek-Deb-Ewart--Margaret-Jazek--Maureen--Joan-Strict--CD-Pin-Awards