Maureen and Chipper the Cavalier King Charles earn their MOTCH at the Richmond Obedience Trials 2011The set of classes you are currently taking, will be Maureen’s final set. She has decided it is time for her to kick back a little, travel a bit, and spend more time with Gavin and her family.

We have been blessed to have Maureen at TNT. She has helped so many students achieve goals they would not of otherwise. She has been a great mentor to many and we will all miss Maureen at TNT.

Hedy Rankin will be taking over for Maureen in September and the Monday and Wednesday daytime competition classes and times will continue as they are now. Hedy as Maureen did, has a teaching background. Hedy’s breed of choice is Rottweilers. Her dogs look wonderful working in the ring and Hedy is an upbeat, positive reinforcement trainer. Hedy will continue to guide you in the same direction Maureen has been. Read Hedy’s Bio Here.

You will find that Hedy Rankin and Dinah earn their CDX titleour training style at TNT among all our trainers is similar. I am sure you will all be very happy with Hedy, although I know how hard it will be to say good-bye to Maureen.

Lori Little is our other competition trainer. Lori is going to continue with one more set of her Sunday classes which will run June 17, June 24, July 8, 15 and 22nd. The classes are listed on our website. If you want to get another set of classes in before the long summer break you are welcome to sign up for Lori’s classes and return to your normal days in September. We will hold classes outdoors when possible to give you more space and different types of distraction training. We are taking registrations now, so don’t wait as Lori’s students are also signing up.


Respectfully yours,