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Just had to share this photo of Billie and I that was taken the weekend after her cancer diagnosis.

It was the weekend that Raisin stepped in and ran as Master test dog for her, which sent me back into training Raisin for her Master Hunter title and achieving her title it only 2 months later (6 passes in 6 tests) This was a very special and emotional weekend for Billie and I, and this picture says so much. It was taken in the holding blind as she and I were waiting to demo the quartering test, something she was still physically able to do, and she loved it!

It is almost 1 year since she has been gone and I continue to miss her tremendously.

Golden Retriever BillieJune 13/02 – August 7/12 “Billie”

On July 7th, 2012 Billie earned a 199.5 in Open B, exactly one month later, on August 7th, 2012 she passed away from stage 4 Lympohma. It still doesn’t seem this could be possible.

Billie did it all, from Field Trial Champion, Master Hunter and Obedience Trial Champion, something no other Golden bitch has ever done. She worked from her heart and she was a sweet, kind, soul.

She went out of her way to ensure that she made each person she met feel special. the picture above in the header is my all time favorite pictures of Billie. Her eyes burn a hole thru my heart and it captures perfectly her beauty and softness.

The picture to the right is one taken only a few days after her diagnosis.

Billie, we all miss you so much. Run free my girl, you’ll find Boomer waiting for you.

Billie’s Honorifics

Billie was a very pretty girl with a full light colored ruff, pants, and flowing tail. She stands 21″ high and weights 61 lbs.  She was a very friendly, yet loyal golden retriever, whom loved to cuddle and smile.


  • Billie wins the Open BC Amateur trial July 1, 2005
  • Billie Qualified to run US Special and Limited Stakes
  • Billie completes the 8th series at Cdn Open National 2006
  • Billie has earned 4 perfect 200 scores
  • November 18, 2006 – Billie completes US OTCH title 
  • Billie completes FTCH AFTCH titles Sept 2, 2007
  • Billie is the #1 US Open field golden female for 2007
  • May 3, 08 – Billie completes MOTCH title