billie-after-cancer-diagnosisFTCH AFTCH MOTCH Tanbark’s Orange Crush, OBHF, FDHF, MH Am. OTCH, UDX, OM1, OBHF***

Just had to share this photo of Billie and I that was taken the weekend after her cancer diagnosis.

It was the weekend that Raisin stepped in and ran as Master test dog for her, which sent me back into training Raisin for her Master Hunter title and achieving her title it only 2 months later (6 passes in 6 tests) This was a very special and emotional weekend for Billie and I, and this picture says so much. It was taken in the holding blind as she and I were waiting to demo the quartering test, something she was still physically able to do, and she loved it!

It is almost 1 year since she has been gone and I continue to miss her tremendously.

Golden Retriever BillieJune 13/02 – August 7/12 “Billie”

On July 7th, 2012 Billie earned a 199.5 in Open B, exactly one month later, on August 7th, 2012 she passed away from stage 4 Lympohma. It still doesn’t seem this could be possible.

Billie did it all, from Field Trial Champion, Master Hunter and Obedience Trial Champion, something no other Golden bitch has ever done. She worked from her heart and she was a sweet, kind, soul.

She went out of her way to ensure that she made each person she met feel special. the picture above in the header is my all time favorite pictures of Billie. Her eyes burn a hole thru my heart and it captures perfectly her beauty and softness.

The picture to the right is one taken only a few days after her diagnosis.

Billie, we all miss you so much. Run free my girl, you’ll find Boomer waiting for you.

Billie’s Honorifics

Billie was a very pretty girl with a full light colored ruff, pants, and flowing tail. She stands 21″ high and weights 61 lbs.  She was a very friendly, yet loyal golden retriever, whom loved to cuddle and smile.


  • Billie wins the Open BC Amateur trial July 1, 2005
  • Billie Qualified to run US Special and Limited Stakes
  • Billie completes the 8th series at Cdn Open National 2006
  • Billie has earned 4 perfect 200 scores
  • November 18, 2006 – Billie completes US OTCH title 
  • Billie completes FTCH AFTCH titles Sept 2, 2007
  • Billie is the #1 US Open field golden female for 2007
  • May 3, 08 – Billie completes MOTCH title
  • Billie has been Invited to the 2008 AKC National Obedience Invitational    
  • Billie qualified to attend the 2009 AKC National Obedience Championships
Golden Retriever Billie after her cancer diagnosis

Billie’s Gallery


Billie’s Obedience Trial Results

July 7, 12Timberland, WaOpen B199.5
May 27, 12Greater Victoria Obedience Club TrialsOpen B199.5 – HIT
May 26, 12Greater Victoria Obedience Club TrialsOpen B198
April 1, 12WSOTC, WAOpen B – 198HIT
Mar 31,12WSOTC, WAOpen B199.5 tied HIT
Nov. 20, 11Nanaimo Kennel ClubOpen B198
Nov. 19, 11Nanaimo Kennel ClubOpen B198.5 HIT
Nov. 6, 11Chuckanut trials, WAOpen B199.5 – HIT
Nov. 5, 11Chuckanut trials, WAOpen B197.5 – HIT
Oct. 8, 11Fraser Valley Dog FanciersOpen BPerfect 200 score
Aug. 21, 11Olympic Kennel Club, WAOpen B198.5
Aug. 20,11Olympic Kennel Club, WAOpen B197.5
July 24, 11Portland Kennel Club, OROpen B199.5 – HIT
May 29, 11Spokane, WAOpen B198.5
May 28, 11Spokane, WAOpen B198.5
May 27, 11Spokane, WAOpen B197 – HIT
Apr 30, 11 OVOTCOpen B198 – HIT
May 1, 11OVOTCOpen B200 score – HIT
Apr. 3, 11WSOTC, WAOpen B197
Apr. 2, 11WSOTC, WAOpen B198 – HIT
Mar. 19, 11GRCBC, BCOpen B198.5 – HIT
Jan. 16, 11Tacoma, WAOpen B199 – HIT
Nov 7, 10Chuckanut, WAOpen B197
Nov. 6, 10Chuckanut, WAOpen B198 – HIT
Oct. 31, 10LMDFOpen B199
Oct. 30, 10LMDFOpen B199
Oct. 29, 10LMDFOpen B198
Oct 10, 10Fraser ValleyOpen B198.5
Oct 9, 10Fraser ValleyOpen B198.5
Sept 30, 10GRCA SpecialityOpen B197.5
July 25,10Portland Kennel ClubOpen B198
July 17, 10Sporting Dog Show, BCOpen B198
May 30, 10Spokane, WAOpen B198 – HIT
May 29, 10Spokane, WAOpen B199.5 – HIT
May 28, 10Inland Empire, WAOpen B197.5 – HIT
April 3, 10WSOTC, WAOpen B198.5 HIT
Mar 20, 10Peninsula DF, WAOpen B199 – HIT
Mar. 20, 10GRCBC trialsOpen B198.5
Nov. 15, 09NanaimoOpen B198 – HIT
Nov 14, 09NanaimoOpen B198.5 – HIT
Nov. 1, 09Lower Mainland showsOpen B199 – HIC
Oct 30, 09Lower Mainland showsOpen B197
Oct 11, 09Fraser ValleyOpen B199 HIT
May 24, 09Spokane, WAOpen B199 HIT
May 23, 09Spokane, WAOpen B199 HIC
May 22, 09Spokane, WAOpen B197.5 HIT
May 22, 09Spokane, WAUtilty B196 HC
Jan. 18, 09Portland, ORUtility B197.5 – HC
Jan. 18, 09Portland, OROpen B199 – HIT
Jan. 16, 09Portland, ORUtility B197 – HC
Jan. 16, 09Portland, OROpen B198 – HIT
Jan. 11, 09Puyallup, WAUtility B197 HC
Jan. 11, 09Puyallup, WAOpen B199 HIT
Jan. 10, 09Puyallup, WAOpen B198
Nov. 16, 08Nanaimo KCOpen BPERFECT 200 SCORE
Sept. 7, 08FPOTCOpen B199 – HIT
Sept. 6, 08FPOTCOpen B198 – HIT
Aug 17, 08Olympic KCOpen B198.5 – HIT
May 25, 08Spokane KC, WAOpen BPERFECT 200 SCORE
May 24, 08Spokane KC , WAOpen B199 – HIT
May 23, 08Inland Empire, WAOpen B198.5 – HIT
May 4, 08OVOTCOpen B199
May 3, 08OVOTCUtility196
May 3, 08OVOTCOpen B199 – HIT
Mar 30, 08WSOTC, WAOpen B199.5 – HIT
Mar 29, 08WSOTC, WAOpen B199 – HIT
Mar 29, 08WSOTC, WAUtility B198.5 – High Combined
Mar 16, 08GRCBC TrialsOpen B199.5 – HIT
Mar 15, 08GRCBC TrialsOpen B199 – HIT
Jan. 13, 08Puyallup, WAOpen BPERFECT 200 – HIT
Jan, 13, 08Puyallup, WAUtility B198 HC
Jan. 11, 08Tacoma KCUtility B198

Billie’s Field Trial Results

Sept. 20, 09GRCBC TestMaster HunterPass
Jun 27, 09Logan Lake Ret. ClubAmateur4th
May 16, 09Spokane, WAOpenJam
Feb 20, 09Sacramento Trial, CalifOpenJam
Aug 2, 08NW Trial, WAAmateurJam
June 14, 08Logan Lake Ret. ClubAmateur2nd
April 19, 08BC Gun DogAmateurJam
Sept 18, 07GRCA Speciality, WAAmateur2nd
Sept 17, 07GRCA Speciality, WAOpen2nd
Sept 2,07A.R.C.A , ABOpen2nd
Aug 30,07Red Deer, ABOpenRJam
Apr. 29, 07BC Gun TrialOpen4th
Apr. 29, 07BC Gun TrialAmateurRJam
Feb. 16, 07Saghens, CAAmateurJam

Billie’s Pedigree

AFC FC Glenhaven Htrs Mn Baronet OS/FDHF
AFC Glenhaven Devil’s Advocate UDT MH WCX
Smoke’ N Red Apache*** WCX OSAFC Yankee’s Smoke N Red Devil OS
Tartan Golden Molly
OTCH Meadowpond Especial One UDT SH WCX
AM CAN CH Laurell’s Especial Jason UDT WC OS/SDHF
AM CAN CH Chafa Honeybun of Jungold CDX TD WC OD
Hunter’s Moon Tam O’Shanter**Wraith’s Duncan MH OSNAFC FC Topbrass Cotton OS/FDHF
Emberainn Lady Nell CD OD
Hunter’s Moon Madcap OD ***FC AFC Windbreakers Mighty Mo OS/FDHF
Meadowpond Scotch Mist CD TD WC OD
OTCH Tanbarks Somethings Burning UDXFTCH AFTCH Cedarpond Brasador SkywalkerFTCH AFTCH Shurmark’s Split Decision FTCH AFTCH Mioak’s Shake ‘n Jake
Sun Fire Sure Mark Tess ***
NAFTCH FTCH Brasdor’s Razzl DazzlAFC Yankee’s Smoke’ n Red Devil
FC Windbreaker’s Razzmatazz
Tanbark’s Comin Around Again ODOTCH Locknor B-Fifty Two BomberOTCH Meadowpond Stardust Reggie OS OHOF
OTCH Wynwood Two Double Zera
Tanbark’s Frisbee Fetcher ODOTCH Shoreland’s Five Card Draw
OTCH Duster’s Amber Starburst OD OHOF