Here is an exercise you can do without any help from another person to help build focus and drive in your obedience work. It’s also a  fun way to proof your dog on a distraction! You can start the exercise with a toy of lesser value and work up to what you see in the video, remember keep it fun, expect your dog to be distracted at first, but work towards small successes at first and then build on those.

In this video I am developing concentration in Remi’s competition obedience heeling.  Remi was never corrected by compulsion in the making of this video!  He is wearing a buckle collar.  He is rewarded for correct choices by either the distraction itself (the toy) or by food.  I am also encouraging him with my voice  and marking correct choices.   Remi’s attitude remained up, and excited to work, while I was able to work on his dedication to the task at hand.