This is a titling event under CARO rules and regulations. CARO is open to all dogs being at least six (6) months of age, including purebred and mixed breeds, except bitches in season or dogs with injuries or illnesses which may cause the dog pain or great discomfort, or dogs exhibiting signs of aggression that threaten the safety of other dogs or humans.

An officiating Judge, and/or the Chairperson of the trial, may dismiss from the trial site any person subjecting the Judge or members or the organizing committee to abuse, whether that person is competing in the trial or not.

Location: TNT Training Center  – 27624 Watson Rd. Abbotsford, BC, V4X 1P4
Judge: Anthea Young Miller
For more information go to:
Chairperson: Lâle Aksu
Phone: (778) 288-9459 or 604 857 4949
TRAIL# T14-074
Rounds Offered:
  •  2 Novice A/B
  •  1 Novice Team
  •  1 Novice *Brace*
  •  2 Advanced A/B/C
  • 2 Excellent A/B/C
  •  2 Versatility