Golden Retriever Catch

July 18, 22 – Meet CATCH 😍he had a 5 hr plane ride home, underground train ride, shuttle bus ride, hotel overnight and then 3 hr drive home the next day. He was 100% amazing! I credit the breeders for giving this puppy so much enrichment every single day in the way of interactive toys, swings, things to climb over and under, bottle pool, car rides, lots of outside adventures, lots of different sounds, noises, music etc. All this played into him not being at all concerned about his big adventure to the outside world. I was more stressed about the travelling than he was lol!

Aug. 5, 22  -Catch is from working golden retriever lines, bred by Ammo Goldens Nichole DeBernardi & Brian Flotz of Nashville, TN. At time of this writing Catch is just 10 weeks old so I will be doing updates as the months go on. He is a lovely, confident puppy. Below I would like to share with you some pictures of young Catch and
a video of when he was 9 weeks old learning some obedience skills.
Golden Retriever Puppy - Catch

Ammo’s Catching Sparks JH

Recent Pics (2024)

Golden Retriever - Catch
Golden Retriever, Catch hunting
Golden Retriever, Catch with bird

Catch’s Gallery

Catch’s Pedigree

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Hideaway’s Bold N Brilliant CDX AX AXJ OD
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