CGN Advance - well behaved corgi walking nicely on leash

Canine Good Neighbour Level 2 Class

Welcome to our advanced class! In this course, we will build on the skills you learned in Canine Good Neighbour – Level 1 class and introduce you to new challenges. We understand that many of our students loved the CGN class, but felt that a 5-week set was not enough. At TNT, we value your feedback and have found a solution to meet your needs. Our “next level” class is designed to build upon and strengthen the foundation you have already established. Get ready to take your skills to the next level!

In our Advanced CGN class, we will cover essential skills to ensure your dog behaves appropriately in public ensuring his and the public’s safety, as well as the etiquette and expectations of a well-behaved canine companion. Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll be able to explore various activities with your canine companion, such as visiting hospitals and senior homes, dining at outdoor cafes, and even shopping together. Many stores now welcome well-behaved pets, including Michaels, Cabelas, Canadian Tire, pet stores, Winners, Atmosphere, and more.

Our positive reinforcement and games-based training foster a supportive and engaging learning environment for both dogs and humans.

well-behaved dog at cafe

Canine Good Neighbour Level 2 Class Exercises

  • Heeling with shopping cart
  • teach your dog to relax on when cued
  • Leave it: Ignore food dropped on the ground, manners at mealtime and at
    outdoor cafes
  • Proofing: Holding a sit, down, stand, or settle with distractions.
  • Load up: Polite loading and unloading from vehicle.
  • Doorway manners
  • Be the party: keeping your dog focused on you in public.
  • Watch me: asking for eye contact is useful in many situations.
  • Navigating crowds and narrow spaces.
  • Adjusting to changes in speed & direction automatically.
  • Noise distraction test
  • Human & Dog Aggression test: calmness and obedience when approached by a friendly human and dog.

Canine Good Neighbour Level 2 Class Info:

Length:  5 week program, each class 1 hour in length(once a week for 5 weeks)

Price:  $215 plus GST

Max Dogs in Class: 6

Prerequisite:  a set of CGN classes or a CGN/CGC title or completion of our TNT Level 2 class

Visit our Training F.A.Q.  for:  our refund policy, dog vaccination info,  what to do if you have to miss a class etc.


Canine Good Neighbour Level 2 Class Schedule

InstructorDayTimeDates (start date in bold)
Jennifer SlauenwhiteSaturday2:00 pm Oct. 28, Nov. 4, 18, 25 & Dec. 2 (No Class Nov. 11)
Kelly ThorburnMondays7:30 pmOct 30, Nov 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2023

Meet Your Instructor – Jennifer Slauenwhite BHSc, RMT, VAC

Jennifer is a new R+ Service Dog Instructor serving the Fraser Valley in BC. She has six years of service and obedience training experience.

She has six years of combined service and obedience training experience including:

  • 2 years of Foundation Obedience and Intro To Scent Work – Obedience Unleashed/Assistance Service Dogs BC – Andy Krzus
  • 4 years of training at TNT from Graduate Class to Open/Utility level Competition Obedience
  • TNT Instructor Training 2021
  • Service Dog Training – Service Dog Training Institute with Donna Hill
  • Agility (recreationally) High Run Dog Sports
  • Dock Diving (recreationally) Hydopaws & K9 Pool School
  • Swimming (recreationally) Hydropaws

Jennifer and Apollo are a self-trained BC-Certified Service Dog Team. Jennifer is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and experience and supporting other service dog teams in their training journeys.

Jennifer has almost two decades of experience as a Registered Massage Therapist. helping people recover from injuries, manage chronic pain, and develop sustainable self-care strategies. She is a former college instructor of jurisprudence, where she developed skills in adult education, problem-solving, and cooperative learning.

She brings a unique perspective to her work with both dogs and humans as a therapist and college instructor with a special interest in animal behaviour and training.

Jennifer is an avid consumer of science-based literature, research, and scholarly articles, eagerly following the current evidence in canine cognition and psychology as it pertains to behaviour and training pedagogy.

Her formal education includes:

  • Bachelour of Health Science
  • Diploma in Massage Therapy
  • Veterinary Assistant Certificate
  • Canadian Equestrian Federation Coach Level I
  • National Coaching Certificate Level 1
  • Numerous postgraduate courses and certificates
Service dog training instructor - Jennifer Slauenwhite & service dog Apollo
Service dog training instructor - Jennifer Slauenwhite heeling with her service dog
service dog apollo

Jennifer’s diverse educational background reflects her passion for understanding and working with animals. She has acquired a solid foundation in health sciences, which allows her to approach animal behaviour and training from a holistic perspective. Additionally, her training as a therapist equips her with a unique understanding of the physical and emotional needs of her students, enhancing her ability to provide effective training and support for students with diverse needs and abilities.