Come When Called

Does your dog ignore you when you call him? Do you find yourself yelling ” come” over and over again as you chase him around the dog park. If you answered yes to these questions our “Come when Called” class is just for you.

This class will help you call your dog away from distractions, help you build your relationship with your dog and in general make you proud of your dog. Invest in your dog’s safety and teach him to “Come when Called”. Reactive dogs are not suitable for this class.

PLEASE bring a family member or friend to assist you with the training. Many of the training exercises are done with an assistant. If there is the odd session when someone cannot attend with you, the trainer will help assist.

getting a reliable recall

This class will be held mainly OUTDOORS so please dress accordingly. Please bring a long line to all classes approximately 15-20 feet in length. No Flexi-leads.

  • Relationship/influence building in recall training
  • The chasing/emergency recall 
  • Sit and/or down on recall
  • Calling dogs off of distractions    
  • Training a reliable, automatic, reality recall  
  • Out of sight recall (owner hidden)
  • Obedience/competition recall (dog is called from a stationary position)
  • Free running recall (dog is called while in motion))

Come When Called Class Information

Due to COVID 19 our classes have been suspended for the safety of all.

We will keep our website updated with any new changes & start dates so please check back often.