SodaI first enrolled in “Super Puppy” at TNT.  At our first class Soda and I were welcomed with smiles from the instructor and 6 other people with dogs of all different breeds.   The class size was perfect, allowing for lots of individual attention.  There were no outside distractions, or unwelcome noises.  Everyone had the opportunity to ask questions, or voice concerns that we may have for our dogs.  A wide variety of important topics were shared with the group such as our dogs’ diets, socializing our dogs, crating, and the importance of recall and why it’s a top priority for classes at TNT.  It wasn’t long before we were put to tasks that tested not only Soda, but myself as a handler.  During one memorable exercise, the instructor scattered food around the floor and I had to make myself more interesting to Soda than the delicious treats tempting him.  I soon realized how beneficial this exercise was, when one day my dog stood between my dinner and me.  Suddenly the words “leave it” were as powerful as “I love you”.  Recalls were practiced in every class, and the size of TNT’s facility allowed Soda and I to practice at increasing distances so when away from the venue, I knew when I yelled “come” Soda would be at my side instantly.  At the end of our six weeks, I was a more confident dog owner and Soda had more confidence in me.

Cortnee Billon & Soda