Dog Training Testimonials2018-08-13T11:04:09-07:00

Barb vanSwearingen & Louie

The instructor was truly amazing, I love her teaching style: she has helped boost my confidence and this class addressed all the issues I was having with my Standard Poodle, Louie. I now have the [...]

Hedy Rankin

I’ve been training with TNT for about 3 years. The instructor is a delight.  She is a truly down to earth,and  no nonsense trainer, with an extensive knowledge base in dog training.  She works with all breeds, [...]

Deborah Foster

I am very pleased and thankful to have found the Instructor at TNT in Abbotsford, B.C.  I appreciate and love her clear, encouraging method of training for both owner and dog where we walk away being [...]

Cortnee Billon & Soda

I first enrolled in “Super Puppy” at TNT.  At our first class Soda and I were welcomed with smiles from the instructor and 6 other people with dogs of all different breeds.   The class size [...]

Judi Dunlop

Chai & I started classes at the TNT Training Center