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Drop-in Training

Billie Training Hall

Getting ready for competition and want a great place to train out of the weather?  Our Billie Building (the original training hall at TNT) offers 2000 square feet of matted and mirrored training space.

Drop-in Training is available several days a week – visit our booking calendar to see available dates.


Regular Drop-in Training:  $15 per hour (per person) – gives you non-exclusive use of the building. Up to 3 people may sign up to use the training hall for drop-in training at one time.  TNT Student price $10 – pay in cash, leave in the drop box

Exclusive Use: $30 per hour – gives you or your small group (1 -3 people) exclusive use of the building for one hour. TNT Student price $25 – pay in cash, leave in the drop box


Who can book drop-in training time?

You are welcome to book the training hall as long as a current Drop-in Training Agreement & Waiver has been signed and submitted to Janice Gunn. This and pre-approval is necessary on your first visit only.  If you are booking the building and bringing a small group you are responsible for seeing that ALL of your group sign and submit the agreement and waiver prior to using the building.

download agreement and waiver

The first time you come to TNT Janice  will give you information on how to access the building.  Don’t forget to ask her your first time – email Janice at tntkennels@telus.net

How do I book drop-in training time?

  1. Visit our online booking calendar
  2. Navigate to the date and time that you wish to book time and click on the coloured link – this will take you into the event itself.
  3. If this is the first time you have booked you will need to create an account (you only have to fill in the form once on subsequent visits you can just use the login option to the right.
  4. Choose your payment method – either pay online via paypal or bring an envelope with your payment on the day of your training and leave it in the drop box. Make sure the envelope is marked with your name and the time and date of your drop-in training.
  5. Click “Book Now”
  6. You will receive a user id and password by mail.
  7. You will receive a booking pending message by mail and once your booking has been confirmed by the administrator you will receive a booking confirmed message.

What if I can’t remember When I booked?

Login to the site here  and then you can always check the your bookings on the my bookings page .

What if I have to cancel my training time?

You can cancel without penalty up to 48 hours before your booked time. Simply go to the my bookings page and choose cancel next to the drop in training session you wish to cancel. If you are cancelling within  48 hours unfortunately it does not leave much time to book that space and you will be responsible for the full payment for your booking.

What if I have trouble with my booking?

if you need help please contact our webmaster, Leslie Williams  by phone (604) 850-6687 or by email leslie@mindstorm.ca

How do I pay for drop in training?

You can choose to either pay by paypal online at the time of booking or you can bring an envelop containing the payment on the day of the drop-in training. Please make cheques payable to TNT Kennels & Training Center. Make sure your envelope is marked with your name and date and time of your drop in training.

Should we start to find people booking and not showing up and not paying we will remove the option to pay on the day and all bookings will go through paypal.