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OTCH TNT Anya’s Echo, JH, WC, UD, OHF, Am. UD

Janice & Echo

Janice with Echo

Echo is Janice’s obedience partner and full time companion. She has achieved her Canadian OTCH title and requires one more Am. UD leg for her title. She has achieved multi HIT’s and two perfect back to back 200 scores. Echo is a very fun loving dog whom enjoys life to the fullest. She is a full sister to Stanley Steamer from an earlier litter.

TNT Anya’s Echo earns BACK TO BACK PERFECT 200 SCORES at the Kelowna Obedience Trials – May 4 & 5, 2001 – during her debut in the Novice ring! Echo earned her 3rd Perfect 200 score on March 4th,  2007 !!!

Echo’s Passing

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The Passing of a Grand Old Dame

March 27th, 2012|10 Comments

OTCH TNT Anya's Echo, UD, WC, JH "Echo" March 20 1998 - March 26 2012 14 years old (plus!)  A strong, confident, sweet, loving girl right to her final day.  On Echo's birthday just last week she went for the most wonderful hike with her housemates.  She retrieved a bird and kept up, as always with the younger dogs not missing [...]

Echo’s Gallery

Echo’s Pedigree

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Cedarpond’s RV OS
FTCH AFTCHShurmark’s Split Decision MH FC AFC Mioak’s Shake N’ Bake FC AFC Mioak’s Main Event
Mioak’s Kate
Sun Fire Sure Mark Tess AFC Wildfire of Riverview CDX, OS
Sunfire’s Dyno of Chances R
FTCH NAFTCH Brasdor’s Razzl Dazzl AFC Yankee’s Smoke N’ Red Devil OS FC AFC Northbreaks Kinike Sir Jim
Yankee Fluff
FC Windbreakers Razzmatazz AFC Holway Barty OS
Nutmeg’s Harvestgold Heather
Brassfire’s Mustang Sally MH **, WCX, OD, MNH GMHR Anya’s Brassy Boss MH, CD, Am/Can WCX FC NAFC Topbrass Cotton AFC Holway Barty OS
Ch Sunstream Gypsy of Topbrass
FTCH AFTCHOsmington Anya Whistledown Tally
Eng. FT. CH. Treunair Strathcarron Alexa
MHR Sungold Super Brass MH, Am/Can CDX/WCX Sungold Major Motion AFC Yankee’s Smoke n’ Red Devil OS
Topbrass Kinetic Kelly
Sungold Ginger Red FC AFC Sungold Lad’s Talisman OS FDHF
Sungold Applause