TNT students handled one of the more difficult venues very well! There were many successes and some “close” results:

  •  Congratulations to Birgitt and Angel (Puli) for completing their UD – that’s a MOTCH and a UD for Birgitt this year.
  •  In Open B Jazz (Rottweiler) and his “sister” Dinah (Rottweiler) gave Hedy four beautiful rounds all in the high 190’s! Dinah earned her first two legs of her CDX and Jazz showed Hedy he’s ready to work on the MOTCH after having a lay-off due to injury.
  •  In Novice, Yvonne and her pug, Louie, got a nice leg with a High in Class from Novice A. Yvonne  also qualified in the Pre -CD ring her with her other pug, KD.
  •  Mario and his boxer, Dior, qualified in the pre-CD ring
  •  TNT Instructor Maureen Murray’s  Chipper (Cavalier) finished his show championship!  Maureen reports that Chipper is extremely thrilled to know he never has to wear that stupid skirt again.
  • Alycia and her Labrador, Mesa,  passed 2 legs of Pre-CD
  • Dina and her Doberman, Tyra, earned their CD
  •  Tnt Instructor, Lori little and her Golden,  Chevy earned an OTCHX leg ( passed open and utility). Lori’s up and coming Scottie, Morgan earned their Prd-CD
  • Congratulations to TNT instructor, Dianne Amato, whose Sheltie, Mindy, won Best of Winners Friday and Sunday and Best Puppy and Best Puppy in the Herding Group on those days as well. She earned 9 points towards her championship!