Pet Classes

  • Puppy Class: for puppies 9 weeks to 6 months old
  • Super Dog Class: for puppies 7 months old  to adult dogs of any age
  • Puppy / Super Dog Level 2 Class: is a newly designed class at TNT.  Janice and her instructors have collaborated on what our students need more of once they graduate from our Foundation class.  Level 2 will strengthen & build on the skills you have already learnt (either in Puppy Class or Super Dog)  while adding in new exercises to give you that dog you can take anywhere and be proud of.

Specialty Classes

During the year we offer a variety of specialty classes. For our Graduate Advanced class you need to have done either puppy or super dog class at TNT. For our other speciality classes your dog should have knowledge of basic foundation skills such as sit, down, stay. Not all specialty classes are offered at each new set of classes.

  • Come When Called:  If you are having trouble getting your dog to come – this class is for you!  This class is typically offered during the spring and summer.
  • Leash Training:  This class focuses on teaching great leash manners and creating a dog that you will be happy to walk anywhere.
  • FUNAgility:  A fun introduction to Agility for dogs 6 months or older featuring tunnels, jumps and weave poles and a variety of other equipment.
  • Tricks Class: Learn how to teach a variety of tricks with a positive marker training methodology.  Our instructor is certified to judge if you decide you would like to earn trick dog titles.

Competition & Rally

Both Competition Obedience and Rally are great dog sports to do with your dogs.  Both sports offer opportunity to compete.

  • Competition Obedience: You would start with either a Pre-Novice or Novice class – when you were ready to advance your instructor would recommend the appropriate next class.
  • Rally: You would start with Rally Novice – when you were ready to advance your instructor would recommend the appropriate next class.
Please check your calendar carefully and plan to attend the class you sign up for or have someone bring your dog to class on your behalf if you have to miss one. Classes are NOT REFUNDABLE OR TRANSFERRABLE unless WRITTEN notice is given to us no less than 7 days prior to the start date. Make up classes are not available as they overload our other classes and weekly curriculum is not repeated.