Birgitt Scott & Whoopi the Puli earn their OTCHXSometimes our students just blow us away with what they have accomplished. We would like to introduce Birgitt who has earned many titles with her Pulik. We will let Birgitt tell you about herself in her own words.

‘My name is Birgitt Scott; I have been doing obedience for 20 years. I first started with two Bouviers and got  CD’s with both. Then I thought I should get an easier breed to do obedience with and got a Puli. “What was I thinking?” I do not regret the choice – what a challenge and so much fun. I have learned so much and am still learning and will always be learning. Every dog is a new challenge; and generally calls for a different approach and different handling.

I would not have been able to accomplish my goals on my own, so thank you TNT and especially Maureen; she is a SAINT. The patience she has when dealing with independent thinking Pulik* is amazing. My greatest reward is when I finally get in the ring and my Puli gives me her best and most of all has a fun time with me. It does not matter if we don’t qualify; we all make mistakes. The only thing that matters is that we tried and we had a good time. After all, it is supposed to be “fun”.

Sometimes I am saddened to be the only one in Canada to do this sport with a Puli, for the Puli is such a wonderful dog and obedience is such a rewarding sport – you learn from you dog – your dog learns from you. I am happy to say, since coming to TNT, I have put two UD titles on my Pulik and have a third dog sitting on two legs! I am working on a UDX and hopefully a MOTCH. My first Puli, Isabella, was the FIRST female Puli in Canada to get a UD.

Her daughter, Whoopi, is currently sitting on four legs towards her MOTCH which is now definitely going to happen as she got that pesky High in Class out of the way at the Lower Mainland Show and now only has to finish that last double leg!!!! Her littermate, Angel, will sit out the Golden Trials and go for that last UD leg once Whoopi has her MOTCH. My girls are also the first Pulik in Canada to get an RE.’

NEWS FLASH – I am so proud of my girl Whoopi. She has achieved her OTCHX At the Golden Retriever Club of BC and so becomes the first Puli in Canada to achieve this title. She also achieved at the Golden Retriever Club of BC the Karen Zimmerman Memorial Trophy on March 19-20, 2011 for having the highest total scores for the weekend with a conformation champion. Whoopi is the daughter of CH. OTCH Immerzu Isabella RE. the first female Puli in Canada to get a UD title.

* Pulik is the plural of Puli