katrina-wilson2 My name is Katrina and I’m a TNT student.  I’m a long time dog and horse owner that recently decided I wanted to do more with my dogs. In the past 18 years I’ve had six wonderful dogs, all have been mutts.  Some were rescues and some I’d had since puppies but none were ever really trained.  I mean they sat, downed and mostly came but really they were just well mannered farm dogs that slept in my bed most nights.

In May 2012 I got my latest addition, Wilson, a Sheltie/Great Pyrenees cross and I was ready to raise him “right”.  Wilson was going to be trained with a purpose but really he’s just training me to be patient, humble and a bit more upbeat!  Because of my years of horse training I was first drawn to Cesar and his balanced dog pack ways, which really just taught me what all my issues were.  So after watching all his shows and videos I realized I wanted to learn positive dog training methods because, after all, Cesar says “he trains people and is not a dog trainer”.


I started taking classes at TNT in Jan of 2013 after looking around for a good place to learn and that offered CARO Rally, since that was the sport I wanted to pursue. In the past year with the classes I’ve taken from Karen, Sophie and Lale I have learned an awful lot about dog training, myself and my dog.  Thanks to the internet and YouTube I was really able to dive into all the concepts they were teaching, as it’s a lot to understand.  I’m proud to say so far Wilson and I have a CGN, a CARO Rally Novice and Advanced title.

I’m looking forward to 2014 with many more skills to master, a CARO Excellent title to achieve and the arrival of a Boerboel sister for Wilson.  We will be bringing her home mid-February and have aspirations of competing in many AKC sports as well as CARO in the future.  TNT has been a great place for my journey into dog training and I’m looking forward to many more years here.

Katina J