Featured Student - Sue & KodaTraining at TNT with my two Labradors; Envercreek Koda Skywalker “Koda” my 15 month old male and Fairlawn Mustang Sally Skywalker “Sally” , my 20 week old little girl, has been fun and more challenging than I could have ever imagined. When I first started training Koda as a wee pup, I was inexperienced at obedience training and as a person with mildmultiple sclerosis I had also been using a cane for my balance problems on my not so good days.

TNT instructors were very patient and accommodating with me and I was able to train Koda in all the classes from Puppy Kindergarden thru to Top Dog Pet Advanced. We even tried Rally classes, under the excellent instruction of Karen Brearley. My new puppy, Mustang Sally is a fiesty and smart little girl ! She too, has started her training early and has just recently completed the Puppy Kindergarden class.

Thanks to Janice’s recommendation, Mustang Sally has started her first Competition pre-novice classes under the very experienced and skillful trainer, Maureen Murray. Sally loves her already. And, Koda is still training at TNT and we are currently working on getting his CGN title at the next upcoming trial. Me, well I am seldom using my cane these days, must be all that dog walking, training and exercising.

I think the pawsabilities have been amazing for both me and my pups! Thanks everyone at TNT!


Sue Rukavina, Koda and Mustang “Sally”

News Flash – Sue is happy to announce that her handsome boy , Envercreek Koda Skywalker received his CGN obedience title March. 20, 2011. Just like his daddy Baillie -CH Makaila’s Magnificient Blue CGN.