Sophie loves her Freedom No Pull HarnessAnd thanks to a new shipment of Freedom No-Pull Harnesses, here is Sophie (one of our Super Puppy students) in her new harness.  Doesn’t she look cute in her new urban wear?  Sophie’s dad was sooo impressed that the new harness was so easy to put on and take off.  No more lifting the legs and attempting to put them in the ‘correct’ hole only to discover it wasn’t the right hole and now your dogs’ leg is in an awkward angle.

The cost of a harness is $30 but the simplicity of the Freedom No-Pull Harness is priceless.

TNT carries a variety of sizes of both Thundershirts and Freedom No-Pull Harnesses.  The harnesses also come in a variety of awesome colours.  Contact TNT or talk to your instructor about fitting and purchasing any of these items.