FUNAgility is an introductory level class that focuses on exposing dogs to equipment such as tunnel, jumps, chute, tire jump, table, wobble board, plank, mini teeter plank, and pro-preception work.   This is a great way to begin training for one of the most engaging sports you can do with your dog.


FUNagility Class Information

Due to COVID 19 our classes have been suspended for the safety of all.

We will keep our website updated with any new changes & start dates so please check back often.

Length: 6 Weeks – 1 hour class
Class Size:  MAX. 6 per class
Price: $195.00 + GST

Prerequisite: This class requires dogs to have basic control skills such as working well around other dogs (no reactive dogs) a sit, down, come and some stay skills.  We will be strengthening and working on these behaviours but your dog should have had at least one set of obedience classes at TNT or equivalent with another school.  Dogs will be working off lead the majority of the class.

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FUNagility Class Schedule

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