Video Training Tip – Go Out and Hit It!

The name of this video clip is called GO OUT AND HIT IT!  I have on both my DVD’s and on Video on Demand clips on how I teach the go-out from start to finish so I am not covering that on this clip.  For those of you that have my DVD’s I wanted to have a way to show you the numerous new and creative things I am doing in my training.  And for those of you that don’t have my DVD’s I am providing you with DVD clips to rent so you can have a sneak preview of the DVD content to decide if you want to purchase.  Or perhaps you only want to view certain exercises, you can do that too!  We have put together numerous packages to suit everyone with a wide variety of topics, all at very reasonable prices for alot of training content for a 7 day rental.  More topics and new training ideas/methods will be introduced within the next few months as well.

I am showing Mighty, 1.5 years old at the time, doing go-outs.  I had trained him using the box method and his go-outs were pretty nice except for one flaw that i could see starting to happen.  That was once the box was no longer there when I asked him to turn and sit, he would take a few steps forward before sitting.  This behaviour can get worse over time and manifest itself into loosing points off in the ring.  I didn’t want to bring the box back for Mighty because I felt I had trained it quite thorougly.  I will bring the box back however for maintaining the excercise for the career of my dog.  But I wanted to find a way to help Mighty to not come forward and clarify to him what i expected.  So I taught him how to HIT the wall, how to hit baby gates, fences etc.  You will see when watching this video how great his go-out’s look and how my problem solving fixed the issue I was having.

Many of the new video clips I have produced show ways I train to keep things fun for my dogs. I am often working on solving a problem that was starting.  We would love to have your feedback on this new project and if you would like to see more new clips in the future.  It is your feedback that will encourage me!  Just let me know at  and feel free to mention any topics YOU would like to see covered, or problems you are having with your dog that you would like me to work on.  

I am happy to be able to share my training with you and please let me know what you think and what you would like to see in future!