Gunner's at his Last TrialJul 24, 2000 – Aug 12, 2012

We lost Gunnie on Sunday to degenerative Mylopathy. He was a National Field Champion, Multi National Finalist, & US Double Header Winner. He made all of John’s dreams come true.

He was a noble dog with a sweet, kind soul. I told him before he left us that Billie would be waiting for him at heaven’s gate and that they would be reunited with Wiley, Echo and Boomer, and all be together again.

They could set up any type of field tests they wanted and even break on birds if they choose to. Run free Gunnie, and keep the others safe.

Labrador Retriever - GunnerGunner is CNM Cleared, excellent OFA rated hips, normal OFA rated elbows, CERF cleared eyes and OFA heart clearance. His pups are still quite young and we are hoping they will start to enter field trials and hunt tests this Spring. Gunnie is a very handsome dog with a solid & athletic build. He stands 24″ high and weights 78 lbs.

He is an easy going dog whom is very affectionate. He has no nervous energy and enjoys being a house dog. In the field he is an excellent marking dog whom rarely puts on a hunt. He has the uncanny ability to run straight lines. He is hard driving on his marks, and a methodical, thinking dog on his blinds.

He is an excellent hunting dog, he somehow knows where those cripples are even if he has not seen them land, it is truly amazing. Gunner is amateur trained and handled by John & Janice.

Gunner’s Honorifics

  • Gunner and John with JudgesCdn Amateur National Finalist – ’03
  • Cdn Open National WINNER – ’04
  • US Amateur National Finalist – ’05
  • Cdn Open National Finalist – ’06
  • Finalist – US Amateur National ’07
  • Finalist Cdn Amateur National – ’09
  • US Double Header Winner
  • AFC FTCH AFTCH titles earned – age 3
  • FC Title earned – age 4
  • Qualified for every Cdn National since age 2
  • Qualified for 7 US Nationals since age 3
  • US National Derby list

Gunner’s Gallery