This is a common problem for most young dogs.  They want your attention and jumping up is an attention grabbing  way  to greet you and say hello.  However, in a humans world, we would like to say hello to our dogs when all their four paws are on the ground! This is not that difficult to teach.  Consistency plays a big role in that all family members and friends must be taught to greet your dog in a similar manner so that your dog can clearly understand how he needs to behave when saying hello.  I have included two different videos I liked and found on the internet for you to view.

Click to Watch VideoJug’s “How to Train Your Dog Not To Jump Up” Video

All suggestions on both videos will definitely work for you, again, remembering that consistency plays a big role in the outcome.  The first video explains a technique of teaching  your dog to sit when he approaches you.  Most definitely giving your dog an immediate job to do when he approaches you or friends will take his mind off jumping up.  This video also shows standing on the lead, a method which could be a great option for your kids to use.  And finally you will see the ignore your dog and turn away technique, commonly called, “stand like a tree”.  You can combine all these methods together; using one method  one time and another the next.  Play around and see what works best for your dog.

Video two shows how to teach your dog from jumping up by clicker training.  Clicker training is something we encourage at TNT.  First your dog must understand what the click means.  If you are interested in using a clicker your instructor will be happy to show you how to use one, then you can start to train the no jump method as shown on this video

Video credit – Kikopup

Note: TNT sells the I-Clicker (which has a softer sound) for $5