Graduate Advanced Dog Training for dogs who have already completed one or more classes

Intermediate Dog Training

Golden Retriever shaking a paw

If you have graduated from one of our Foundation obediences classes OR you have done a beginner obedience class elsewhere and are wanting to continue to challenge both yourself and your dog to a higher level of communication, then our intermediate class is the class for you!  This is a great stepping stone to learn more advanced obedience skills to be able to live peacefully with your dog at home as well as taking him into public areas.  It is also a stepping stone to advance towards our Speciality classes such as FUNAgility, Tricks, Rally and Competition Obedience where a solid obedience foundation is required.

Everyone says “But he listens at home”!  When you take your dog away from home does he tend to tune out and not pay attention to you?  This class teaches you how to get your dog tuned into you even when you are away from home and amongst challenging distractions.

Our intermediate training program consists of 5 one-hour in-depth classes conducted by our professional dog trainer and covers everything you need to know to build a strong relationship with your dog and help his/her development of important life skills.

My favourite part was just seeing how quick the dogs picked up on this way of training it was great to see the results in just a few weeks.  The best part was the dogs and owners were having fun!

Corileen McDonald, & Lily (German Shepherd)

What was your favourite part of the class: I have a big smile on my face as I write this because I want to say, “Everything”. But if I had to choose it would have to be the positive reinforcement the instructor gave for each and every job well done. It works just as well for humans as it does for dogs. (Come to think of it, she was encouraging if the job wasn’t particularly well done, too.)

J. M., & Finn

The instructor was very helpful, very friendly, and answered all our questions.  Favourite Thing: Seeing the progress of each dog from the first class to the last class.

Julie, & Eddy (Toy Poodle)
TNT advanced student heeling with their dog

Intermediate (Canine Good Neighbour Prep)

  • We will teach you how to build your dog’s attention
  • Improve on and strengthen your foundation skills

  • Teach and build impulse control

  • Cue Fluency Challenge Game

  • Learn go to your place – (bed or mat)

  • We will teach you engagement skills

  • Distractions and proofing- how well does your dog understand?

  • Teach the chin rest – which can be used for many purposes

  • Learn a new trick!

  • Learn to teach stand and stand for exam

  • Advance your loose lead walking skills

Training Class Bonus - online videos and printable homework


Classes Include Online Access to Step-by-Step Homework Instructions with How-To Videos that reinforce in-class learning as well as Solutions to Problem Behaviors

Intermediate (Canine Good Neighbour Prep)

Length:  5 week program, each class 1 hour in length
Lengths: (once a week for 5 weeks)
Price:   $220 + GST
Prerequisite: A set of basic obedience classes, such as Super Dog or Puppy classes

Visit our Training F.A.Q.  for:  our refund policy, dog vaccination info,  what to do if you have to miss a class  etc.


Password will be given out at the  first class

Group classes are not appropriate for dogs that are fearful, anxious, have uncontrollable barking or lunge with aggression towards other dogs or people.   We suggest you seek out private training to get this under control prior to a group class.

Intermediate (Canine Good Neighbour Prep) Class Schedule

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InstructorDayTimeDates (start date in bold)
Kimberly Van BiertTuesdays11:30 amMay 28, Jun 4, 11, 18 & 25, 2024
Kimberly Van BiertThursdays7:30 pmMay 30, Jun 6, 13, 20 & 27, 2024
Mais St. ThomasSaturdays12:30 pmMay 25, Jun 1, 8, 15 & 22, 2024

In Progress Classes

These classes are no longer open for registration.
We leave them posted so students can check dates and times.

InstructorDayTimeDates (start date in bold)
Kayla ChapmanSundays12:30 pmApr 21, 28, May 5, 12 & 26, 2024 Note: No Class May 19, 2024 – Victoria Day

Intermediate (Canine Good Neighbour Prep) -Video Gallery

TNT’s training method is based on using positive reinforcement.  Here’s why…

Dogs respond best/fastest to positive reinforcement training. This method focuses on rewarding your dog for doing the asked behavior. The reward in turn encourages your dog to repeat the cued behaviour when asked again. Positive reinforcement training focuses on rewarding good behaviour rather than punishing bad behaviour.