This months training tip is a demo of Janice working with the  reverse luring technique. This powerful technique gets your dog thinking his way to success by using immediate visual feedback. Open hand with treats visible the dog is doing well, closed hand the dog will learn that this is not the behaviour you are looking for.

Why do we call it Reverse Luring? Like regular luring this technique still uses visible treats to entice the dog to perform behaviours but…The word “reverse” plays in as the dog is not to follow the lure, but stays back (away from it). 

Reverse Luring can be used for both teaching and proofing – see a sample of how Janice’s uses this in her training. 

Note that Janice does not allow the dog to take treats directly from her hand but instead uses her other hand to get the treat and reward the dog.

For other great ways to use Revere Luring check out Reverse Luring Janice’s Training Short