Sparks earned his OTCH on Sunday February 24/19. On Saturday Sparks earned both HIT and HC with 199 & 198 scores and another High In Trial out of the Open B class 199 (Pounce 2nd place 198.5) and High Combined on Sunday. Sparks is my 8th AKC OTCH and I have earned 11 CKC OTCH titles (in CKC you get an auto OTCH with a UD title). Sparks is my 8th DIFFERENT dog I have earned 200 scores with. Thank you Jane Simmons-Moake, Sparks breeder you definitely sent me my dream dog. At 3 years old Sparks has achieved his OTCH and Master Hunter titles, he is a true golden achiever and my soulmate. Helen Smith owns his sire Pounce, a very special boy I am glad Sparks is following in his paw prints ❤

Photo by David Bowers