Bob achieves MACH 10Keeping up to date on Bob’s accomplishments is a challenging task. We previously posted about Stanley Steamer daughter, Bob, in the post Something About Bob and in this post A Girl Named Bob.

Pat White, Bob’s owner reports that “Bob, finished her MACH 10 this past weekend. She is now: MACH 10 Rivercity Yessiree Bob VCD2 FTC1 TQX T2B3 ADHF I am so very proud of my bionic girl. She does everything I ask of her with her whole heart and her whole mouth!!!!! I can’t wait to show her in utility as she is now barking through most of her heeling! She is currently in the top 5 goldens again for the AKC bob-mach10Agility Invitational so we hope to go to Florida again in December.”