In this video clip I am using a TREAT BAG, which is NOT a bait bag! A treat bag does not clip onto your clothes. It is designed specifically with a soft nylon material which is mesh at the bottom so the smell of the treat can easily penetrate out. The top has a velcro strip to keep the bag closed and a tab on either side for easy opening.

treat bagThe treat bag will ensure your dog can get used to a distraction while training, without being able to reward themselves without your permission, as a toy, food bowl, or cookie on a plate could do. The treat bag reward is given by me, altho I may encourage my dog to pick up the bag and bring it to me so we can celebrate the training victory with a yummy treat from the bag, something we do together, helps to build a stronger relationship with your dog. This video shows just a sampling of things I can do with the treat bag. Use your own imagination, be creative and have fun!!!