Leverage Food to get a Faster Recall

In this video training tip, Janice explains how use leverage the dog’s dinner to level up your recall training.  

This technique uses the concept of a “jackpot” for building the drive for your dog to want to come to you.  The idea behind this is based on casinos – Researchers found that players are a lot more likely to keep playing or to come back and play if they had a “win” on one of their first playing experiences.

Now you won’t always be giving your dog a full dinner for coming back but… your dog will know that the possibility for a big payoff exists.   

Remember – Reinforcement builds behaviour so even if your dog is doing amazing it helps to reinforce even basic behaviours sporadically. We want them to continue to think a “jackpot” is possible.

Ember shows the kind of recall you can achieve with planning your reinforcement.