I own a LabX puppy who is 7 months old. She is easily excitable when meeting new people and likes to jump up at them. She is also very hard to walk with a leash as she likes to lurch forward – pulling me along. I have tried a Eco Gentle Harness bought at a pet store. I have tried a Gentle Lead bought at TNT Kennels and my nephew as tried a choker collar. I think I am having the most success with the Gentle Lead. Each week at classes, I feel that my dog is learning to be the dog I want her to be. The instructor demonstrates techniques using her own dogs as well as using the dogs in the class. We are half way through and I do feel that I have seen improvement. I may take the classes again or go up a level. I would definitely recommend these classes to friends. I am very impressed with the instructor because she gets back to me via email with any concerns that I bring to her. I also really like the videos which are part of our homework. I am looking forward to the next 3 classes.
Michelle Arsenault & Charo