This video is about Modelling Utility Signals. Previously I did a video clip on the same but with Go-Outs. Pounce was a very green dog on go outs and using this method really helped to give her confidence and excitement. In this video she is new”ish” to doing signals, so I decided to incorporate Remi, a more experienced signal dog to work with her side by side.

On my first down signal Remi had a brief hope I was releasing him to his treat bag, but then re-considered (good proofing!) and followed thru with the down. You can see Pounce, looking at Remi doing the down and I believe that helped to convey to her that yes, that’s what the signal means! I did another down signal set up and they both did it fluently. Then I set up for the sit signal and Pounce couldn’t follow thru so you will see in the video what I did for her non-compliance response.

Setting my dogs up to do signals side by side is not something they are familiar with so this in itself was new to them, but now they are familiar with it, this is a really fun exercise for them to do and a way to do signals that is “out of the box”. Also incorporating the treat bag behind them ensures they really need to concentrate on my cue, to get what they really want, the reward! Classic Premack Principle!