Aspen is way less anxious wearing her ThundershirtIn a previous post, I alluded to my foster dog Aspen as a frequent wearer of her Thundershirt.  I wanted you all to see how cute she is sporting her anxiety reducing fashion wear.  Here we are playing in the snow at TNT this past week.  For Aspen, playing is a new thing for her.  Her fear of people, new environments, and all things fearful has prevented her from feeling relaxed enough to play.

Aspen having a ball wearing her ThundershirtWearing the Thundershirt seems to take the ‘edge’ off and allows her to exhibit more pleasant and relaxed dog behaviours.  Now it is obviousAspen loves the snow so much she wishes she could spend all her time rolling in it, regardless of the goings on around her…that’s a big leap for her. She loved it so much; it was difficult to get a picture in the upright position.

Sophie Budin