Mr Moses - Bichon Friese dog standing on hind legs Mr Moses is a 16 lbs Bichon Frise. His owners moved and left him behind. Luckily for him Julia from Little Paws Rescue was there to, well, rescue him. She had him micro-chipped, neutered, cleared up his ear infection and helped his food allergy by taking him off chicken and wheat. She had his teeth cleaned but he may still need some dental surgery. If he needs it Little paws rescue will be there for him again.

I am one of the trainers at TNT and I am fostering him at my house. He hangs around with my Great Dane, English Cocker and Chihuahua. He loves to play with my Cocker, Sailor,. They sound like they are killing each other so the perfect play pal will have to understand his pushy style of play. My girl Sailor thinks its great fun. He is one of the few foster dogs she has played with. He could be a only dog or have a pal that gets his style of play. He loves his person but he loves to play with my husband and teenage kids also. He can be mouthy when he plays so he probably isn’t appropriate for younger children. He does not play with his mouth with me because play stops when he does. He isn’t putting pressure on with his teeth, he just thinks its great fun.

He is a alert barker. He does not bark incessantly but does bark at sudden environmental changes. Although he gets along great with my dogs he will bark at a dog on leash. If the other dog is calm it is easy to redirect him. He is house trained as long as he know where to go. He isn’t going to bark at the door (at least at this point) so you have to have a routine he understands.

This guy is very playful and has a fair amount of energy. He will need a walk every day and some dog sport or trick training to keep his mind exercised. I have taught him to sit pretty, play dead, roll over, shake a paw, and go to his bed. I also started him on the sport of nose work. He is started on the sweet birch scent and is learning quickly. He is a fun dog to train.

He loves his people so if you don’t want a little shadow this guy is not for you. He does not appear to have any separation anxiety. I leave him in his crate in my house or in the car and he is fine. He sleeps in his crate every night. At my house there is always another dog near by so he is really never alone here.

My whole family loves him. My husband even likes him which is saying something. If you want a companion who will be right by your side always ready to fetch a toy and you have a great home to offer
this might be a match made for you.

If you think you are the right home for this loving, playful, little lamb look-a-like contact You can go to but his picture is not  on the website yet.

Jane Eskuri