TNT STARSTNT Training would like to give a round of applause for the trainers and their wonderful dogs who have recently earned new titles. It takes a huge commitment and a lot of patience and practice to title a dog in competition. This level of success  certainly speaks to the bond you have created with your dog. Hats off to you!.

New UD titles - Hedy (instructor Maureen) & BrigettNew UD Titles :

Hedy & her Rottweiler Jazz

Birgit & and her Puli Whoppie

New CDX Titles:

New CDX titles - Dec 2010 - Pete, Kira, (Maureen) Elieen, NancyPete & Flat Coated Retriever- Chance

Kira and Golden Retriever – Tayha

Elieen and Miniature Schnauzer, Onni

Nancy and Flat Coated Retriever, Inklin

New CD Titles December 2010 - shown Sylvia - Gail - Maureen (instructor) - Janel - EileenNew CD Titles

Sylvia her Standard Poodle Katrina

Gail and her Bouvier Indi

Janel Bush and her Rottweiler Gavin

Eileen and her Miniature Schnauzer Onni

Jane Esku and Sailor