I am regularly asked in my classes, “how you get your dog to stop puuuullllling?” as the student is being pulled to a new arrival in the class, notes TNT instructor Sophie Budin.

Like Dr. Ian Dunbar says, “You must become the center of your dog’s universe. You need to stimulate and strengthen your dog’s gravitational attraction towards you by moving away enticingly and heartily praising your dog all the time he follows.”

boxer dog wearing a no pull harnessI know this sounds like a simple concept but can be challenging to put in practice while your shoulder feels like it is being ripped from the socket and you are tired of watching your kids dragged through the mud during the rainy season.

Your dog needs daily exercise and you made the usual New Year’s resolution to walk him/her more and you want to make this an enjoyable experience.  Then you are looking for a No Pull Harness that makes it easier to walk your dog and in effect put into practice the tips, suggestions, and training methods you have learned here at TNT.  The Patented Freedom No-Pull Harness is a training tool, featuring a martingale loop on the back of the harness, to tighten slightly around your dog’s chest and discourage pulling – and a connection in the front that allows you to redirect attention back to you to make training your dog easier (www.wiggleswagswhiskers.com).

Because its design discourages pulling, you will walk with greater ease and be able to apply training tips you have learned in class to your daily walks.

The design of the harness allows for four points of adjustments and will allow your dog freedom of movement while on your walk or run.  It is so easy to put on and has a velvet type strap the runs under the chest for greater comfort.

Usually students who have bought the harness from TNT return to class the next week and I hear them telling other students in the class that the harness is like magic.  Now whether or not you believe in magic, the Freedom No-Pull Harness is an effective tool with an interesting side effect on dog owners – all of a sudden those dog owners have a skip in their step and are sure their dog is the super star their TNT instructors told them they were.