Janice Gunn's Paper Bag Challenge

Janice Gunn’s Paperbag Challenge

This is a competition for more advanced trainers and dogs. Prove your training / proofing abilities by showing your dog displaying at least three behaviours while your face is hidden by a paper bag.

Why this is an advanced challenge: Often when  training we think the signal is the cue word or a hand-signal but the dog actually may be taking in facial expression/eye contact as part of the signal. Additionally, dogs don’t always generalize well. For example, saying “sit” to your dog when standing and saying “sit” to your dog when you yourself are sitting, or laying on the floor, or facing away may produce different results.


The winner will receive $100 and a $125 gift certificate for online training courses or videos in the TNT Kennels store.

Challenge your friends and be entered to win an additional prize of a $50 Gift Certificate for online training courses or videos in the TNT Kennels store.

Please Note: Prizes are in Canadian Funds.

How to Enter

  1.  Film a short video of a training session with your dog while you wear a paper bag over your head.  Have your dog display at least 3 signaled behaviors. Both you and your dog should be in the frame at all times. Videos should be no longer than 1 minute in length.
  2.  Fill out your contest entry form and upload your short video.
  3.  Be sure to vote for yourself and invite friends to vote for you.


  1. Contest is open to anyone, anywhere, 16 years of age or older.
  2. Contest will be open till 5pm June 30 (Pacific Standard Time)
  3. Winner will be the entry that receives the largest number of votes.
  4. Video Contest Winner will be notified by email and will be announced on the TNT Kennels & Training Center’s social channels.
  5. Challenge Contest Winner will be determined by using a random number generator
  6. Video Contest entries will be considered invalid (and removed) if showing any physical corrections or abuse to the dog.

Challenge Your Friends

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