Picnic Hunt Test – March 12, 2017

BC Golden Retriever Club LogoThe purpose of this event is to gather a group of people to create an opportunity to train in a realistic hunt-test atmosphere, yet without the constraints of rules or judging.

Date: Sunday, March 12, 2017
Time: 10:00 am
Location: TNT Training Centre, 27624 Watson Road, Abbotsford
Entry fee $20 per dog. Limit of 25 dogs, with a maximum of 2 dogs per handler.
Download: Flyer & Entry Form

Net proceeds of this event will be donated to: The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund

Each entrant will be guaranteed 3 marks on land and a blind. Quartering for Senior and Master dogs. Junior dogs are welcome to try quartering with no sit to flush. Due to the time of year we will not be doing water.

What’s supplied? The GRCBC will be providing ducks for the land series and all the field equipment, including wingers, guns, and holding blinds. Also, a few experienced gunners will be hired (participating handlers will cycle through the other gunning positions).

How will the test be run? Our goal is to create a realistic hunt test. To meet our goal of running all dogs in a realistic hunt test atmosphere, as well as finishing by early afternoon, all handlers will need to work cooperatively. Except when running a dog or airing a dog in anticipation of running, each handler will be expected to participate as a marshal, gunner, gallery member, equipment mover etc. If you’re unsure how to help, just ask and we’ll be happy to provide instructions. Participants must NOT run their dogs and then leave while others are still running. Also, in keeping with a realistic hunt test scenario, there will be no training allowed on the grounds away from the picnic area.

What should each handler bring? A signed waiver (see below), lunch, drink, lawn chair, bumpers for your water marks, and duck call. Note: This is a training situation. Reasonable use of verbal corrections, e-collars, and heeling sticks will be permitted.

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