• Step by Step Dual Disk Training DVD
    What Janice has to say about her Step by Step DVD series: In this DVD you will see me explaining and demonstrating competition obedience exercises from start to finish with my pre-novice dog Raisin and accomplished OTCH dog Stanley. Included is actual footage of Raisin puppy training at 8 weeks of age. My training methods are fun & effective with all breeds and sizes of dogs. You will find this DVD series to be very informative and will give you the skills to build a strong foundation for your first obedience dog and help to improve your overall scores on your current competition dog.

    Disc One - Puppy / Novice

    On this DVD you will see how Janice builds a strong foundation with her puppies. She explains and demonstrates how to easily and effectively train all the novice exercises, and also provides detailed instruction about how to teach heeling from start to finish. Contains 2 hours of training. This DVD has an extensive menu. You can train exercise by exercise and not lose your place in the DVD. This makes referring to the DVD on a continual basis, so very easy, and not at all time consuming.

    Disc Two - Open & Utility

    On this DVD you will be provided with specific instructions, while Janice demonstrates how she teaches the open and utility exercises, including proofing and games. Contains 1 hour and 50 minute of training. Demonstrations done with Janice and her pre-novice dog Raisin and accomplished OTCH dog Stanley. This DVD has an extensive menu. You can train exercise by exercise and not lose your place in the DVD. This makes referring to the DVD on a continual basis, so very easy, and not at all time consuming.
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  • positive-puppy-dvd-cover

    Positive Puppy Training

    This  1 hour and 50 minute instructional DVD features Janice training her new puppy  Remi from 7 weeks to 16 weeks old. Follow Janice as she instills her new puppy, with the joy of learning that will give him a head start on his obedience career. This DVD shows actual first time training sessions for numerous foundation skills; watch how Janice shapes Remi for success.  This training DVD has valuable instruction for early foundation training to help your puppy or  novice dog get off on the right paw. Janice’s training methods feature both clicker and verbal marking techniques to shape behaviours in a completely motivational manner. Learn how to develop attention, shape recalls, start heeling, targeting, platform, go-outs and even the dumbbell hold, retrieve, and more! You can start to build relationship, trust and motivation from the moment you bring your puppy home.   Extensive title menu for easy navigation.
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  • Janice Gunn's Proofing and Problem Solving DVD Janice Gunn's Proofing & Problem Solving

    Proofing & Problem Solving

    This dual disc DVD was filmed at TNT’s Annual Summer Camp. My first DVD’s – Puppy & Novice – and Open & Utility are a step by step training guide on how to teach the competition obedience exercises. Proofing & Problem Solving is different in that ALL the camp participants graciously agreed to be filmed with their dogs so that you can see my suggestions on how to work through and solve the training issues they had presented to me. On the Problem Solving disc you will see 2 hours worth of campers working various breeds on a variety of exercises stemming from novice, open and utility. On the Proofing disc you will see me working with Raisin (Golden Retriever) and Louie (Labrador Retriever). Raisin recently earned her UD title and is accumulating OTCH points. Louie has not yet been in the novice ring and is only 18 months old. In the opening segment, I start off with an extensive puppy training demonstration with my 11 week old Labrador pup, Mighty. You get to see 3 distinct levels of training with my own dogs ranging in age from 11 weeks, 18 months to 3 years old. The proofing DVD gives you numerous ideas on how to proof your dog and shows games you can play during training. You will learn ways to challenge your dogs and to keep them alert and thinking thru out your training. I show a variety of ideas on how to keep your training fun, creative and spontaneous.
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  • Janice Gunn's Ring Prep DVD (back) Janice Gunn's Ring Prep Video

    For Obedience & Rally Handlers

    By Janice Gunn

    This DVD was filmed live at TNT Training Center in Abbotsford, BC – March 2013

    Janice demonstrates how to build a strong relationship and why this is important for the competition dog.   There are many pieces to building a successful relationship and she will share with you what has worked for her.   Competition is a team sport between you and your dog; learn what it takes to put those pieces together for a happy and successful journey.  You will see Janice put these pieces together with her own dogs, ranging from a 200-OTCH Golden to her youngest 1 year old Labrador Retriever.  You will learn how to play tug properly, how to keep your dog on cue, tricks to keep your training fun, and lots more!

    Ring Entrance techniques are also covered.  Learn skills how to make entering the ring a positive experience.  Janice demonstrates with her dog’s three different concepts.  You can practice what works best for you and your dog and put together your own personalized ring entrance plan.  Train your dog to be excited to enter the ring and not wanting to avoid it.

    This DVD is perfect for the novice and intermediate handler.  Whether you compete in competition obedience or rally, you need to have a strong, positive relationship with your dog, and you need to have an agenda and enter the competition ring with purpose.

    Here are just a few topics covered in this DVD:

    • Three important cues your dog needs to be successful
    • Three important behaviors every dog needs
    • Tips on how to keep your dog engaged
    • Fun, stress relieving tricks
    • Building your dog’s endurance for group stays
    • Free Shaping
    • Tugging and play techniques
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  • This DVD is composed of real time training sessions! You will see Janice’s puppy Pounce learning the very beginning steps of the clicked hold to the finished retrieve. You will also see her Labrador Remi learning his first sessions. Bonus clips include Janice’s students with a variety of breeds showing their progression. Janice provides a positive method to teaching the Dumbbell hold and retrieve. She demonstrates how to start the hold from the very beginning and then how to progress this into the retrieve. The DVD’s final chapter contains some games and proofing ideas to ensure your dog’s hold and retrieve is a solid and committed one.
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