• The armband / stick attention heeling training method is shown on Janice’s Puppy/Novice DVD (sold separately).  In 2019, Janice release Positively Powerful Heeling (sold seperately) that has a section devoted to the armband heeling method and covers it in depth. In both videos, the heeling method is demonstrated step by step and guides you through each stage. This method of heeling gives the dog a focal point that teaches him to keep his head straight, rather than cranked inward which creates the rear to crab out along with crooked halts.  This method has been very successful for Janice and her students.

    The armband has a fabric backing with velcro strip to attach the holder. The stick is threaded and screws into the holder. The arm strap on the armband is stretchy velcro for a comfortable and flexible fit. The armbands are extremely well made and will last a very long time with steady use. I personally have one for training, and a clean one I use when I am competing in the ring. The holder and stick are created for me at a machine shop. The stick can be cut back as you progress through your heeling stages.

  • Size is 7.5" wide and 3.5" long. Mesh bottom. Colors vary and may not be as shown. In this video clip I am using a TREAT BAG, which is not a bait bag! A treat bag does not clip onto your clothes. It is designed specifically with a soft nylon material which is mesh at the bottom so the smell of the treat can easily penetrate out. The top has a velcro strip to keep the bag closed and a tab on either side for easy opening. The treat bag will ensure your dog can get used to a distraction while training, without being able to reward themselves without your permission, as a toy, food bowl, or cookie on a plate could do. The treat bag reward is given by me, although I may encourage my dog to pick up the bag and bring it to me so we can celebrate the training victory with a yummy treat from the bag, something we do together, helps to build a stronger relationship with your dog. This video shows just a sampling of things I can do with the treat bag. Use your own imagination, be creative and have fun!!! Please Note: The shipping cost for this 1 item is 8.99 USD (Sorry! that is what Canada Post is charging us). We recommend not buying this item unless you are also buying a dvd (then the shipping cost goes down to 3.00 for the treatbag as an additional item and is much more cost effective).
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