The Perfect Training Leash

The 3/8 Sure Grip Dog Training Leash is made with soft cotton webbing with rubber tracers woven through the webbing to give a strong comfortable grip. Lightweight and no-slip! This leash won’t get slick when it rains like some leather leashes and won’t burn your hands like nylon.  Leashes come standard with a 3/8″ heavy-duty brass bolt-snap and a brass O-ring in the handle. Leashes come in 3ft, 42 ” and 4 ft and 6ft lengths perfect for training heelwork and close exercises. The O ring makes it easy to clip and wear over your shoulder while working off-leash exercises.

Long lines for tracking and recall work now available in 10ft, 15ft, 20ft, 25ft & 33ft!

I like the leashes because they are a very comfortable width to work with, especially when training competition obedience.  The non-slip rubber feature which coats the lead is easy on my hands and ensures a nice grip on the lead, it does not burn my hand if my grip loosens and the lead slides through my fingers.

Janice Gunn

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