This video is an updated and expanded version of my original Finger Follow video short. Now updated with 40 minutes of new content.

The finger follow technique has enhanced my dogs’ ring performances by keeping them connected to me when entering the ring, transporting them in between exercises, giving them a clear set up picture at each new exercise and when exciting the ring. The finger follow allows my dogs to relax yet keeps them engaged and focused. The perfect scenario!

Over my 45 year highly successful competition obedience career (9 AKC OTCH – 11 CKC OTCH, multi 200 scores with NINE different dogs) I studied thousands of obedience rounds. I noticed that dogs could know & execute the exercises okay but… still fail due to problems with being distractible and losing focus between exercises, problems getting set up properly, and especially entering the ring unconnected with the handler.

Watch the finger follow video and learn how to make it work for YOUR dog’s performance.

In this training video you will learn how to teach the finger follow, how to build value for it with a variety of training games, how to ensure it still “works” during times you don’t have food and how to troubleshoot it. AND it is also small dog friendly! I will show you how to adapt it for the small dog.

Join me and learn the technique that will help you achieve higher scores.

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