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Klimb 6″ Legs

US $29.99

Set of four 6″ Legs (short legs) bring the KLIMB to an 6″ height

Using the KLIMB with the 6″ Short Legs, is a great way to introduce and get your dog comfortable with the KLIMB. The Short Legs can be helpful when transitioning your dog from a stay from the 12″ height to the floor.

Note for CANADIANS – Klimb products are manufactured and shipped from the United States, and the shipping cost to Canada is relatively high. If you can provide a US shipping address and can collect your package there you can save on shipping costs. All Klimb products come with a manufacturer’s invoice that confirms the country of origin as the United States and no additional customs charges are to be levied as per the Free Trade Agreement. Please Note: Canada customs will impose GST on Klimb orders shipped or brought into Canada and the Shipper WILL ALSO CHARGE a brokerage fee for bringing the product into Canada.

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Set of four 6″ Legs bring the KLIMB to an 8″ height


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