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Teaching Marks for Go-Out & Glove

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Aimed at improving your dog’s performance in the Utility ring this training video short will help you develop a bulletproof focused mark for the Go outs and Directed Retrieve. Janice demonstrates her proven techniques for training marks and having her dog switch between focussed attention in heel position and forward focus on the mark command. Having an intense mark on your dog will give him strong direction on the correct place or glove to go out to for a successful exercise.

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In the first 10 seconds of the video I explain that I teach “marking” for go outs and directed retrieve the same, the only difference is I bend my knees when I send for the glove, but teaching how to look out “marking” is the same. I spend the first 1/2 of the video describing how I get my dog to look out “mark” for a go-out. This video is not how to teach go outs, just teaching the dog how to look out, you can do this using a white plate, same as with the glove. The 2nd half of the video was dedicated to the glove mark. Hope that helps to clarify.

1 review for Teaching Marks for Go-Out & Glove

  1. Cindy Briggs

    Ordering g go outs

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