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Ring Ready Series

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Janice's Ring Ready Launch

In Janice’s latest online video series she walks you through the method she designed to prepare her dogs for the transition from the practice ring to the obedience competition ring.

Learn the techniques she has used to earn many, many high in trial and high-combined awards as well as perfect 200 scores with 9 different dogs.

This series is designed for the trainer that is getting ready to compete or one that has competed and just not had the scores that they were hoping for.  Knowing the exercises is only part of the ring-success equation and Janice’s proven method will give you the skills to see your scores improve.

Nov. 14, 22  Ring Ready Part 3 Released!  Featuring over 65 minutes of new content: including:  building bulletproof focus, footwork & handling, dealing with ring nerves and using off site practice effectively.  Watch Janice work with competition dog Seven at an actual match!

Take Your Ring Performance to the Next Level!

Please Note: These are online streaming videos NOT DVDs – Video’s have unlimited access and do not expire!

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Part 1: Janice explains the theory behind her techniques and then demonstrates numerous exercises that she uses to prepare her own dogs to better handle the activity & stressors that happen at a dog show. Learn exercises that will build focus, teach your dog to ignore distractions, and help your dog to make correct choices in the ring environment. Struggling with the transition to a no food environment? Janice shares techniques she uses to prepare her own dogs for this transition.

Part 2: Janice covers how to plan for trial success and then demonstrates how she preps her dog for a trial. You will learn the skills to put together a ring protocol; a plan for you to provide a step by step process that will prepare you and your dog for that all-important event day. Part 1 & 2 – length 70 min.

Part 3: Just released Nov. 2022! Part 3 covers: footwork & handling skills, a new fun exercise to help create even more focus over distraction, how to deal with ring nerves, watch Seven & Janice in a real time fun match and the techniques that are used to keep him engaged. See how Seven’s error in the match is dealt with. Learn how to take your practice on the road, watch real time sessions of Seven and puppy Catch training at a busy hardware store and how Janice manages their training and keeps it active and fun. Part 3 length 65 + min.

Bonus Content:  This series includes several supplemental videos that review core training topics that are the building blocks for the techniques covered in this series.

5 reviews for Ring Ready Series

  1. Jeanne stephens

    I give the series’s 10!

  2. Jeanne stephens

    Looking forward to the next series.

  3. JUNG JOAN (verified owner)

    Very insightful information that will help you and your dog in the ring! My favorite videos!

  4. JUNG JOAN (verified owner)

    A must watch for competitors!

  5. JUNG JOAN (verified owner)

    Can’t wait for the next videos to come out!

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