Puppy Training Class

For puppies 8 -17 weeks old (small breeds can be up to 26 weeks old)

Is your puppy jumping up on guests, nipping at your ankles or pant legs, chewing forbidden household objects or simply not listening to you?

In this class we cover manners, self-control, obedience and more through games, training exercises and reward-based methods. Our puppy program consists of 6 one-hour in-depth classes conducted by our professional dog trainers and covers everything you need to know to build a strong relationship with your dog and help his/her development of important life skills.

Labrador Puppy

Puppy Class Skills & Topics

jack russel puppy

Why train your puppy at TNT?

Our Puppy Training  sessions will help you avoid frustration later by learning how to deal with common “puppy problems” right from the beginning.

Your TNT instructor will assist you to communicate with your puppy. After all, communication equals understanding. The more you learn about your puppy, and how to train him correctly right from the beginning the better you can help him/