The spin is a simple and fun trick that even young puppies can learn. We like to teach spin not only because the dogs really enjoy it but it is a good one for helping us to chain behaviours together in a fun way. Chaining behaviours means there is no reinforcement given in-between them. For example, asking your dog to spin, then sit or spin, then down etc. and vice versa are examples of chained behaviours.


  1. Put a treat to your dog’s nose
  2. Move your arm in a circle (either direction) but keep the treat to the puppy’s nose
  3. As the puppy completes the circle mark it with a yes and let them have the treat.

Tip: If your puppy is having trouble moving in the circle you can use your left had to lightly guide their rear end.

Building on the Spin

  1. As your puppy gets comfortable with the spin exercise you add the cue word “spin”.
  2. You can fade the lure by holding the treat just slightly further from the puppy’s nose (at first this will be just far enough the puppy can’t nibble on it). Slowly build on moving your hand further away.
  3. Add the hand signal which is making a circular motion with your index finger.