Quinn the Pit Bull - it's a dog's lifeQuinn shows his sniffer dog skillsQuinn enjoys hiking, camping, playing ball, playing with other dogs, snuggling on the couch & searching! He’s quick to help with yard work or any of the ongoing construction around our place. He’s keen to go anywhere and love trying new things & checking out new places. He’s a pretty neat little fellow for not quite 6 months old.

Quinn is furthering his education at TNT. He has completed ‘Puppy Class’ and is currently enrolled in both ‘Super Puppy’ and ‘Sniffer Dog’ classes. He also attends TNT’s A Dog’s Life Daycare. He gets pretty excited when we pull down ‘THE’ driveway! We are really enjoying the training & all the learning (for us!) and give a big thumbs up to the trainers and staff.

The sniffer class has really opened all three of us to a whole new world & is a lot of fun. Pretty cool watching Quinn take the lead and show us what he can do! Definitely Quinn’s favorite night of the week!

We plan to continue training & learning forever and would like to focus on ‘sniffer’ based work & competition as well as giving agility a go once he’s a little older. We’d also like to complete the ‘Good Canadian Canine Test’ in the near future. Who knows what else – we’re willing to try anything if Quinn’s excited about it!

Quinn is owned and loved by Christy & Steve