OTCH MOTCH TNT’s Run Raisin***, MO4, MH, WCX

June 8, 2007 – Sept 16. 2014

OTCH Golden Retriever, Raisin & Janice Gunn share a high five

Raisin came into this world in my arms and left this world in my arms. John was also by her side. She was diagnosed with cancer just as she was turning 7 years old.

There were so many memories yet to be made. Raisin had an amazing smile that she shared with her many friends. She also was a talker, a low throaty purr that she used to communicate with us. She talked to us just as she was leaving, even under heavy sedation, it was very special. It is something I will always treasure and a memory I will never forget.

Raisin earned multiple 200 scores, was a Master Hunter and won a large Qualifying stake with me at the wheel, she gave so much. She was a master mouser and loved to swim in the pond after the frogs. She was by my side through thick and thin, she was a wonderful friend. She taught me first hand the value of being a kind, gentle and compassionate trainer, a wise & incredible gift she left me. Godspeed Raisin, you are forever in my heart and soul.


Raisin WON the all-breed Qualifying Stake at the Northwest Retriever Club Field Trial

Am. OTCH, Cdn MOTCH TNT’s Run Raisin***, UDX ,OM4, OBHF, GO, SH, WCX, MH

Raisin was born on June 8, 2007. She was bred by us and is a daughter of : FTCH AFTCH MOTCH Tanbark’s Orange Crush, OBHF, MO1, FDHF, MH Am. OTCH, UDX, OBHF*** (Billie) and FTCH AFTCH FC AFC Cdn OTCH TNT’s Explosion, UD, OS, FDHF, OBHF (Boomer).

Raisin is out of two parents whom have both made history for the Golden Retriever breed with their impressive and expansive title combinations. Truely a very unique mixture of incredibly talented parents.

Obviously Raisin has made her parents very proud. She is a highly accomplished competition obedience dog with multiple 200 scores. She earned her Master Hunter title in 6 out of 6 trials.

Raisin’s Gallery

Raisin’s Video Gallery

Raisin’s Obedience Scores

Mar. 30, 2013 WSOTC Trials, WA Open B PERFECT 200 – HIT/HC
Nov. 18, 2012Nanaimo Kennel ClubOpen B199.5 HIT
Nov. 17, 2012Nanaimo Kennel ClubOpen BPerfect 200 HIT
July 20, 12Sporting Dog, BCOpen B199
July 8, 2012Timberland, WaOpen B198.5 – HIT
May 26, 12Greater Victoria Obedience Club TrialsOpen B198 – HIT
Mar. 31, 12EWSOTC, WAOpen B197.5
Nov. 27, 11Elsie Murray Show, BCUtility198
Nov 20,11Nanaimo Kennel ClubOpen BPerfect 200 score
Nov. 19, 11Nanaimo Kennel ClubUtility198.5 HIT
Nov. 6, 11Chuckanut Trials, WaOpen B199
Oct. 9, 11Fraser Valley Dog FanciersUtility198
Sept. 11, 11 FPOTCOpen B199 HIT
Sept. 10, 11FPOTC Open BPERFECT 200 – HIT
Sept. 10, 11FPOTCUtility198
Aug. 20,11Olympic Kennel Club, WAOpen B197.5
Aug. 19,11Evergreen Golden Ret. Club, WAOpen B199
July 23,11Portland Kennel Club, ORUtility B199 – HIT
July 23,11Portland Kennel Club, OROpen BHigh Combined
Jun 25, 11Richmond TrialsOpen B198.5
Jun 25, 11Richmond TrialsUtility198
May 27, 11Spokane, WAUtility B197
May 27, 11Spokane, WAOpen BHigh Combined
May 29, 11Spokane, WAUtilty B199.5
May 29, 11Spokane, WAOpen BHIT & HC
Apr 30, 11OVOTCUtility 200 score – HIT
May 1, 11OVOTCOpen B199 – HIT
May 1, 11OVOTCUtility198 – MOTCH leg
Apr. 3, 11WSOTC, WAOpen B198.5 – HIT
Mar 20, 11GRCBC, BCOpen B198.5 – HIT
Mar 20, 11GRCBC, BCUtility196.5 – HIC
Mar 19, 11GRCBC, BCOpen B199 – HIT
Mar 19, 11GRCBC, BCUtility196.5
Jan. 22, 11Portland Dog FanciersUtility B198.5
Jan. 21, 11Dog Fanciers of ORUtility B197.5
Jan. 21, 11Dog Fanciers of OROpen B199 – HIT & HC
Jan. 16, 11Puyallup, WAOpen B198.5
Jan. 15, 11Tacoma, WAOpen B198
Jan. 15, 11Tacoma, WAUtility BUDX Leg
Nov 7, 10Chuckanut, WAOpen B198.5 – HIT
Nov 6,10Chuckanut, WAOpen B197
Nov 6,10Chuckanut, WAUtility BHigh Combined
Oct. 31, 10LMDFOpen B198.5
Oct. 30, 10LMDFOpen B199
Oct. 29, 10LMDFOpen B198.5
Oct 10, 10Fraser ValleyUtility197
Oct 9, 10Fraser ValleyUtilityCDN UD TITLE
Sept. 30, 10GRCA SpecialityUtility B197
July 25, 10Portland Kennel ClubOpen B197
July 25, 10Portland Kennel ClubUtiilty B195 UDX leg
July 24, 10Portland Dog Obed.Open B197.5 UDX leg
July 24,10Portland Dog ObedUtility B198 – 1st
July 17, 10Sporting Dog Show, BCUtility198.5
June 13,10Richmond, BCUtilityFirst Cdn Leg!
May 30, 10Spokane, WAUtilty B196.5
May 28, 10Spokane, WAUtility B197.5 – UD TITLE
April 4, 10WSOTC, WAUtility B193
Mar. 21, 10Peninsula DF, WAUtility BFIRST LEG!
Mar. 21, 10GRCBC trialsOpen B199.5 HIT
Mar. 20, 10GRCBC trialsOpen BPERFECT 200 SCORE
Jan. 18, 10Puyullup, WAOpen B199 HIC
Jan. 17, 10Puyallup, WAOpen B198.5 HIT
Nov. 15, 09NanaimoOpen B198 HIT
Nov. 14, 09NanaimoOpen B198.5 HIT
Nov. 1, 09Lower Mainland showsNovice B199.5 HIC
Oct. 30, 09Lower Mainland showsNovice B198.5 HIT
Oct 11, 09Fraser ValleyNovice B199 HIC
Sept 5, 09Eugene, ORNovice B198
Aug. 16, 09Olympic KC, WANovice B198.5 HIC
Aug 15, 09Olympic KC, WANovice B198 HIC
May 24, 09Spokane, WANovice B198 HIC
May 23, 09Spokane, WANovice B199.5 HIT
May 2, 09OVOTCNovice B199.5 HIT
Mar 22, 09GRCBC TrialsNovice B198 – HIT

Raisin’s Field Trial Results

 April 12, 13Northwest Retriever Club, WAQualifying1st Place
 May 5, 13  GRCBC Hunt TestMaster HunterPass
Sept. 28, 2012BC Labrador ClubMaster Hunter – Title earned!Pass
Sept. 27, 2012BC Labrador ClubMaster HunterPass
Sept 16, 2012GRCBC TestMaster HunterPass
Sept 15, 2012GRCBC TestMaster HunterPass
Sept 2, 2012Pacific Rim ClubMaster HunterPass
Sept 1, 2012Pacific Rim ClubMaster HunterPass
April 25, 10Van. Island TrialQualifying3rd
Senior Title Earned
Oct. 3, 09BC Labrador Hunt TestSeniorPass
Sept 20, 09GRCBC TestSenior HunterPass
Sept 19, 09GRCBC TestSenior HunterPass
Sept. 14, 08GRCBC TestSenior HunterPass
Sept 13, 08GRCBC TestSenior HunterPass
Aug 8, 08Tacoma Ret. ClubDerby3rd
June 15, 08Richmond FT,Derby3rd
May 11, 08BC Lab Club TrialDerby1st
May 10, 08Spokane Ret. Club, WADerbyJam

Raisin’s Pedigree

FC AFC FTCH AFTCH Cdn OTCH TNT’s Explosion, FDHF, OHF, Am UD, FDHF OSWraith’s Duncan MH***(OS)NAFC-FC Topbrass Cotton( OS/FDHF )AFC Holway Barty ( OS )
CH. Sunstream Gypsy ofTopbrass
Emberain Lady Nell CD***( OD )AFC Yankee’s Smoke’N RedDevil ( OS )
Splashdown Emberain Aubrey UD.MH ***
Mo’s Fartogo Speedy Peach  JH***WCXFC-AFC Windbreakers MightyMo ( OS/FDHF )AFC Yankee’s Smoke’N RedDevil (OS)
FC Windbreaker Razzmatazz
HR CH.Wasatch’s Desert Jasmine MH ( OD )FC-AFC Tangelo’s SideKick (OS/FDHF)
Windbreakers Desert Dust ***
FTCH AFTCH MOTCH Tanbark’s Orange Crush, MH, OBHF***AFC FC Glenhaven Htrs Mn Baronet
AFC Glenhaven Devil’s Advocate UDT MH WCXOS/FDHFSmoke’ N Red Apache*** WCX OS
OTCH Meadowpond Especial One UDT SH WCXOD/OBHF
Hunter’s Moon Tam O’Shanter**Wraith’s Duncan MH OS
Hunter’s Moon Madcap OD ***
OTCH Tanbarks Somethings Burning UDXFTCH AFTCH Cedarpond Brasador SkywalkerFTCH AFTCHShurmark’s Split Decision
NAFTCH FTCH Brasdor’s Razzl Dazzl
Tanbark’s Comin Around Again ODOTCH Locknor B-Fifty Two Bomber
Tanbark’s Frisbee Fetcher OD