In this video I demonstrate how I use a 3-foot dowel to help my young dog, Seven, stay tight to my left side and not flare his rear out.   The first exercise in the video shows Seven attempting to do a come to heel position with the dowel a reasonable distance away. He is unable to tuck his body in without hitting the dowel. I don’t correct him but encourage him to try again but throwing a treat off, which helps to create some chase excitement keeping his attitude up.   I then reinforce when he comes to heel without moving the dowel out of position.

Next, I do some slow walking and keep the dowel in position to help him to keep his rear in.  Make sure your dog has fun with this exercise!  In the video, I also ask him for a full-body backward circle which he enjoys doing, this also teaches him not to flare his rear out when he is turning to the left  ( I don’t cover how to train that in this tip – perhaps in another one).