The TNT students competing at the June, 2011 Richmond Trial had a very successful weekend. What was a long drive for most was well worth it. The qualifying scores were not only plentiful but high! It was wonderful to see beginners go into the ring with confidence that their dog was trained! Even when the teams didn’t qualify there was some excellent teamwork and handling on display! Sometimes ring nerves just gets in the way! Congratulations to all on a great weekend – a wonderful display of sportsmanship and it was great to see everyone supporting one another. Well done everyone, it was a pleasure to watch and congratulations to all of you!


  • Yvonne & her Pug, Louie showed lovely style getting their first two legs!
  • Mario & his Boxer, Dior demonstrated what potential they have getting their first leg, first time in!


  • Mary Ellen & her Toller, Rusty, dusted off the rust on Saturday and had two brilliant rounds on Sunday (once ring nerves were out of the way) finishing their CD!
  • Krista & her Toller, LeeLoo achieved their goal – one time in – a nice first leg.
  • Heidi & her Staffordshire were the stars going four for four with consistent scores to earn their title and polishing that off with High TNT and High Terrier on Saturday – as well as a High in Class Sunday!


  • Jane Esku and Sailor earned their first CDX leg with a 191
  • Lale & her Manchester, Eddie, got their first leg in lovely style and also achieved High Terrier by ½ point on Sunday. They would have had more but for an incident Saturday. Poor Eddie was doing his Long Sit and the stewards in the ring next door dropped the jump right beside him! He showed what great training he has as he stood up when startled but stayed where he was! Well done, Eddie!
  • Linda Moran & her Toller, Tikka having gone four for four at the German Shepherd Club OUTDOOR trial added two insurance legs on the weekend – High in Class for all six legs and all in the 90’s! Linda won the High TNT student prize on Sunday.
  • Janel Bush and her Rottweiler, Gavin got their second leg in Open on Saturday.
  • Birgitt & her Pulik, Angel & Whoopi continue to campaign well! Angel passed both her Open classes with lovely scores and Whoopi matched her with another two rounds!
  • Maureen & Chipper finished their MOTCH title on Saturday out of the Open class and had another nice round Sunday. Chipper wants to know if he can retire now that he’s titled out!


  • Birgitt and her Puli, Whoopi continue to do well in Utility – two more passes puts her closer to her MOTCH.
  • Maureen & her Cavalier, Chipper also got another “Q” in Utility

Special mention to Kira who had some seriously lovely rounds with her Golden, Taya the first weekend out! A lot of experienced handlers were commenting on what a great job of handling she did!

Also, Kudos to the old dogs, Maureen and her 13 year old Cavalier, Bentley, who went High in Class with only some minor “whoops” and Birgitt & her 11 year old Puli, Isabella who had a great time only thinking it was a waste of time to sit on halts!

We would also like to congratulate  Craig Nordel and Ace for earning a 196.5 and completing their CD title at the Sporting Dog Show in July.